A little Soul PK action video

I found this Forsaken World PvP video and I wanted to share it with you. In the video a warrior, lvl 34 punishes a stoneman and a mage. The stoneman looks lvl 38 and not sure about the mage, but they both got pwned. Yeah, the warrior probably geared better that’s why the damage difference.

Anyway, I put this video up since it shows the Soul PK System nicely. You can see all the soul pieces spreading out, mostly from the stoneman and it is picked up systematically by the warrior. This should give her additional damage, so those two are really doesn’t stand a chance. Well, it doesn’t matter how she wins, I just posted this to give you a demonstration of the Soul PK.


I’m working on some guides for you guys, so make sure you check back, cause they will be posted soon.

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