Forsaken World Floating Guild Base

Guild bases in MMORPG games are always important. Let’s see some of the Floating Guild Base features in Forsaken World! Players are able to build 2nd level floating guild bases. In the new floating base, guild members are able to visit gardens/bars, and increase there pet’s grade.

Forsaken World Floating Guild Base

Floating Guild Base

There is a possibility to construct new buildings in game. Forsaken World guild members who meet the construction criteria are able to build a 2nd level fortress on the floating base. After it is successfully built, Guild level will be increased to lvl5 and the level of the Floating Base will be lvl2.

In this new level 2 Floating Guild Base then players can construct a bunch of new things, like a Garden, Geological Research Building, Pet Practice Room, Fishing Ground, Energy Well, Alchemy Room, Bar, etc. are all available. Some of these constructions can be used as a resource treasure on the Floating Base, where players can grow high level herbs, or get high level ores. So when you done PKing or questing in Forsaken World, you can hang out with your guildies, up in the sky, while catching some fish or collecting useful herbs and ores.     

Three main values of the lvl 2 Floating Guild Base:

Dedicated pets and pet skills

After the “Pet Practice Room” is built on the level 2 floating guild base, members will have the opportunity to upgrade their pets. They are allowed to exchange unique “Monster Seed” for pets. If they worry about the slow speed of their pets, they can exchange “Crystal” to increase pet’s XP. In addition to this there are a lot of new skills to be learned for pets in the Pet Practice Room, that can be a great help in PvP. “Group Dormancy”, “Group Freeze”, “Group Magic Seal”, just to mention a few.

 Monster Seed Forsaken World 
Monster seed – Screenshot from Forsaken World

Dedicated ore and mining tools

Once “Garden”, the “Finishing Ground” and etc. are built on the floating base, the area will be dedicated to members for ore mining. In addition, it is also provided with customized mining tools for members, which makes the mining easier.

Dedicated high level process formula

Level 6 recipes, level 6 alchemy formulas, etc., are all dedicated high level formulas, available on the Floating Guild Base.

So in all, once you are playing Forsaken World, go get yourself a Guild and start building that Floating Guild Base, because the benefits are many, and I have a feeling that even more is on the way.


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