Behold the Goddess

The picture shows Xi Liya, the new Goddess of Forsaken World. There is not much information available in English about her yet, but I tell you what I gathered from the Chinese version

She is “China’s first CG Goddess” who were created for Forsaken World with the help of a multi-national research team. It seams like they have used myths and historical facts of ancient civilizations, from Greece to Scandinavia, from ancient China, India, the Mayan civilization and more, as a reference to draw this beauty.

This Goddess is a fusion of the sexiness of western woman and the conservativeness of eastern ones, or something like that. After many hand painted images, sculptures, models created by a very talented group of artists, the developers were able to breathe life into this CG beauty, who is dubbed to be “the most beautiful goddess” that ever graced the surface of a computer screen. Well, she is pretty easy on the eyes. Take a closer look

The game team hopes that players around the globe can understand this fantasy world better through the Goddess they have created. Not sure what this all mean, but I for one say: Welcome Goddess

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