Blessing and XP Skills

In Forsaken World you can pray to your Gods and receive blessing for it. This blessing will have various surprising benefits on your character. There are 3 kinds of rewards that you will receive: character XP, battle buff and treasure boxes.

The amount of Character Exp depends on the character’s level. Battle buffs include additional attack, additional defense, additional HP upper limit, additional MP upper limit, more crit chance, etc. Battle buffs are granted randomly. Lvl 2 and above lvl 2 blessings will undoubtedly grant one additional attribution, but for lvl 1 blessings there is a low possibility that they will not have an effect. Treasure boxes have 3 levels, the highest level treasure box contains the most valuable items, but with the lowest probability. When players gain a highest or medium level treasure box, the system will broadcast it in the whole server.
The CD time for blessing is 1 hour. Blessing times for every character have limits, every day’s first 4 times blessing is called main chapter of blessing, players can definitely gain Exp, and have chance to gain addition attributions and treasure boxes. After that, blessings will only grant battle buffs.

How to pray

Praying is a way to communicate with the Gods in Forsaken World. Praying is a common skill which is available for every race and every class. To learn praying, you need a ‘bless book’, every character will get a free ‘bless book’ at a certain time.
The ‘Blessing’ relates to the astronomical phenomena and character’s constellations. You may activate the blessing by clicking the ‘astronomical phenomena ball’ on the screen, once every hour. The effect of the blessing depends on astronomical phenomena, character’s constellation, and luck.

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XP Skills

1. XP skill equipment is given to players through gift packs at level 1, 20, and 40. You can also get XP skill equipment via questing, and bind it to your character.

2. Each race has different XP skills, with unlike skill scope, action and special effects.

3. XP skill is available when XP ‘rage’ bar reaches a certain value. Every time you kill mobs, or when level up, the bar is filled.

4. XP skill can make great damage to mobs. Normal mobs under certain levels can be killed immediately by XP skills, but can’t be used against other players.

5. XP skills max out at level 3. You can upgrade XP skills by collecting quest items (Reward better XP skill equipment). Same level XP skill equipment uses the same level up item for upgrading (for example, all level 1 XP skill equipments use level 1 level up item for upgrading.)

The green soul released when mobs die is XP soul. Collect mobs’ soul to fill your XP ‘rage’ bar. The XP ‘rage’ bar is under the avatar, which is green. When the green bar is full, XP skill becomes available.

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