Flower Rain in Forsaken World

Developer for Forsaken World are continuously improving the game. The latest improvement aimed to give players a more representative and more colorful visual fantasy. To achieve this, six new interface effects had been added to the game.

The Effects:

Special flower rain effect

When a guild successfully acquire a floating guild base (need to bid on it at an auction), flowers will fall from the sky on all guild member’s screen. This will show that the Gods are happy and pleased with your achievement.

Floating fortress ribbon-cutting effect

When guild members finally complete the construction of a building in Forsaken World, the guild leader and vice-leader will preside over a ribbon cutting ceremony. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, all floating fortress members will be automatically transferred next to the new building to see the completion of the new construction. During this time, pieces of ribbon will fall from the sky.

Back to the city effect

In Forsaken World each player can use a teleporting skill to get them back to the city. The skill has flashy effects, and from now on the interface will show an eye-catching effect too. It resembles entering some kind of space-time vortex, as you teleporting back to your main base.

Malicious PK effect

Imagine you are out in the land of Forsaken World, minding your own business, when suddenly someone attacks you from behind! If in the previous version, you would start look around, realizing that it was a monster or a sneaky player you jumped on you, but no doubt, doing this would cost you valuable time, and your opponent would gain an advantage. But from now, if another player maliciously launches an attack on you, a pinkish frame effect will appear on your screen. So when you see this effect you better jump into battle mode and get ready to fight for your life.

Life is too low effects

In the heat of battle during PKing players can overlook the fact that they are running out of HP. To prevent such a shameful way of dying in Forsaken World, the screen will show a hard to miss red effect, to indicate that your character is about to kick the bucket. This will remind you to heal yourself if you can or pop a health pot, or simply just get the hell out of combat.

Death Effec

In Forsaken World after death everything is not black and white. There is a growing dim all around as your character’s virtual soul is about to live this beautiful world, slowly as the surroundings fade out.

The six new special effects on the interface not only makes the game more colorful and charming, but also helps submerging in the adventurous  multi-player life of Forsaken World. In the future, the multi-national R & D team of Forsaken World will continue the in-depth understanding of customer needs, while efforts will be given to improve the game’s visual effects, to give the player a more attractive Forsaken World and more!

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