Forsaken World – Limited Open Beta

Forsaken World’s Chinese development team just announced the games limited open beta version for 16th of September in China. What does limited mean? It means that players, who participated in the Forsaken World closed beta, now are able to invite a friend to the game. The game still will be unavailable for the public, but this signal the beginning of the next phase in beta testing, and serves as a stepping stone for the “limitless” Forsaken World open beta.

And what does it all mean for us eager western players? I really hope that it means that the beginning of closed beta for the western version of Forsaken World is truly close now. It should follow in the footsteps of the Chinese open release, but I cannot know for sure. So there’s nothing else to do just wait for the official announcement, because although this building of excitement experiment seems to take forever,  but we all know that closed beta will start eventually, we just ca’t wait.

 Well, until it happens take a look at some more nice Forsaken World screenshots:




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