Mage’s Attacking Skills Evaluation

Some thoughts on optimizing the Mage’s attacking skills talent configuration in Forsaken World

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Note: the text is a translation from Chinese, official names for the skills may differ once the English version is out.

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         First, some lament, Mages in Forsaken World are really weak in attack, we got worse weapons than other classes in same level. Except AOE, we don’t have much advantages over other classes in this game.

  After one month of playing, my Mage got level 42, I thus got some understanding on Mage’s skills and talents. Before you choose Mage as your class, you must first realize that 1vs1 PVP is not for Mage. Dungeon or and large scale PVP are where Mage sparkle.

First let’s talk about skills in the Fire class. There are three skills in this category. Fireball, Wild Firestorm and Flaming Rage.


  Fireball is quite common in all MMORPG games. When you learn Fireball at first time, you will notice it’s high damage. At same skill level, compared to other two classes of skills, you will notice Fireball have highest damage.

  Talents associated with Fireball:Fireball Explosion, Fireball Energy and Flame Inspiration. These three talents enhance Fireball in damage, cooldown and Mana consumption. Fireball, when fully supported with talents, have a cooldown of 2 seconds, 100% chance to trigger combustion, and use 30% less Mana. Do you notice something? Yes! Perfect for boss raid!

  2. Wild Firestorm

  AOE! AOE skill in fire class, the range is medium, casting speed is slow, consume lot of Mana and does low damage.(I don’t really know what this skill is for in later stage of game). In early stage of game, combined with Lightening Falls, is a good AOE skill. When you reach level 40 and learned Flaming Rage, you will feel this skill is useless, except cooldown time, nothing else!

  Talents associated with Wild Firestorm:First we need to be clear, Wild Firestore is enabled by talent. Strengthening Wild Firestorm: hmm…Reduce the target resistance! This, in fact, only reduces the resistant in a questionable amount.

  3.Flaming Rage

  Imba AOE skill, after you learned this, you will know what is a real Mage: Far distance, big area! Damage is good too!

  Talents associated with Flaming Rage: Enma the Flame, Enma Call! Enma the Flame adds a combustion effect similar to Fireball, this is good, but the number is not the best, 150. Enma Call decreases the cooldown by 2 seconds, so the cooldown of Flaming Rage becomes 4 seconds, this is good.

  OK, these are the skills in fire class. In general, fireball for Boss raid and Flaming Rage for AOE! Nothing else! Are you asking about Wild Firestorm? After you reach level 40 this skill is quite useless: low damage, small area, high Mana consumption. Except the cooldown is 3 seconds, any reason you want to use that?

  Now let’s talk about skills in Lightning class. Currently I only learned two of them, the other one require level 70. Lightening Falls and Lightning Pierce.


  A small area AOE skill you got after level 20, with a repelling bonus effect. This is a lifetime AOE skill. You will use it all the time after you reach level 20. Level 1 Thunderclap lacks area!

  Talents associated with Thunderclap:Thunder Paralyze, Lightning Fury, Shock Expansion, Thunder Rolling. Talent enhancements on Thunderclap is kind of imba, especially the Thunder Rolling which increases the critical rate by 12%. Lightning Fury increases the base damage by 45%, Shock Expansion increased range! Thunder Paralyze also gives 100% chance to trigger a repelling effect. You are going to max it, right? There’s even a talent in the bottom of the talent tree which decreases the cooldown time of Thunderclap and Thunder Penetration by 2 seconds. It’s in the very bottom of the talent tree though.(If your race is Kindred, you got 2 seconds of cooldown bonus for Thunderclap. But later on you don’t get the 2 seconds bonus for Thunder Penetration.)

  2. Thunder Penetration

  Secondary attacking skill, high damage, slow speed, attack enemy in a row, consumes a lot of Mana. It seems all talent skills are inefficient! (There’s a talent called Voltage, after you voltage up to 8 layer, you will enter a violent state of thunder and lightning. In this state you receive bonus for critical rate and cooldown for all Thunder skills. Lightning Pierce is the skill to stack those layers. You better not rely on this skill to do AOE. There’s a bug in this skill)

  Talents associated with Thunder Penetration: Shock Hit. I feel angry every time I mentioned this talent. I will say this is a bug. In talent tree it says after you max this talent you will have 100% chance to trigger a repelling effect…but so far I didn’t see a single mob got repelled…If this bug is fixed this talent would worth invest points into, otherwise it would be a waste of points.

  OK, I only learned these two skills for now, max all talents for Thunderclap is a must, Thunder Penetration is simply a way to stack layers of voltage. Better don’t rely on it to do damage.

  Now let’s talk about the most unpopular tree: Frost tree. I only learned Ice Arrow, so let’s talk about it.

    Ice Arrow: Control, that’s it. This is a control skill that lasts 3 seconds. It cannot match the other two entry skills in any other aspect except control.

  Talents associated with Ice Arrow: Precision of Water, this enhance the damage and hit rate, we invest points on it mainly for damage. Ice Inspiration, reduces the cooldown of Ice Arrow by 2 seconds. 4 seconds of cooldown, 3 seconds of control!! You know what I mean. Ice Crystals: Can completely freeze the target for 6 seconds. This has a trigger rate. What’s the rate then? In talent tree it says 3% per each points invested. So, max rate should be 15%. This is no too good. Ice, decreases target’s resistance, the amount is not so perfect either.

  I look through the comments of the talents in the Frost class that are unavailable to me. Here’s some opinion.

  1. Ice Spike, single target! Uh, OK, what did I said before? Mage in Forsaken world is for dragon and large scale PVP! (To kill mobs, simply use Fireball and Ice Arrow, invest 10 talent points for a single-target skill? No way!)

  2. Level 45 skill, Ice Age, is a AOE skill, but has low damage. It can froze target, but within a radius of the caster. OK, another life-saving skill. It has a 45 seconds cooldown, so poor. Our Mage want 15-20 seconds cooldown, Mage is so weak already.


  It is good to focus your points on one class of talent tree, but skills in other classes are also important! My advice is max three talents associated with Fireball, this is for boss raid. Thunderclap is a must. For Ice Arrow, you can spend your points on Precision of Water and Ice Inspiration, this is good for killing small mobs. In fact the points in Ice class are not that important. Usually, single-targeted skills are only used when you are alone!

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