Overview of the Pet System Part 1

Translation was made from Chinese, with a help of someone who doesn’t really play MMORPG games, and since I don’t speak Chinese, we make a perfect team. 🙂 Anyway, I tried to make it as much understandable as possible. Hope you get some good info out of it.

Part 1

Capturing a Pet

When the player reaches level 10, he will gain the first Soul Stone. When the stone is hatched, he will be able to gain his first pet. When the player reaches level 30, he can enter a Dungeon to capture another creature as pet. Players can enter this Dungeon 3 times a day. There is a chance to capture a secret pet by forming a party and defeating a Boss. Players can get secret pets at lvl 30 and 50. Sometimes, players might encounter some creatures that require the player to have specific skill (Pet Soul Trap) to capture. Only Tamers will have this skill and can capture these special pets.

Hatching the Soul Stone

Your Soul Stone will be hatched along the way as you play online; the stronger your pet is, the more time you have to spend on it. The timing of the hatching sessions has to be strictly within the period when the player is online, if not, the process will fail and it needs to restart the next time. The player can also give the Soul Stone to an NPC to be hatched. In this case, the player can go offline. However, such method will take a longer time.


Different pets will have different hobbies as well as different eating patterns. Feeding them, with their favorite food can make them fuller. If the pet measurement of “fullness” is below 50%, it won’t be able to function as it should be. If it hits zero, it will automatically return to his home and hence unable to help his owner.


The pet will have its own moods, and different moods will evoke different responses. There are 7 different moods for pets. Under different moods, its attack and defense points will increase or decrease accordingly; at the same time it will increase the pet owner’s defense. The better the mood, the more the points will increase. This Mood Effect will allow the player to perform some form of exchange with other players, and every time this is performed, it will consume some “exchange points”. Every time the creature evolves or fights for a period of time, it will gain a few “exchange points”.

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