Overview of the Pet System Part 2

Combining Pets

Every pet has different inherent talents, which include “strong blood ability”, (HP talent) “strong attack ability” (Attack talent) and “strong defense ability” (Defense talent). The higher the talent level, the stronger the creature will be. These talents can be evolved with the combination of two pets. The main pet will be the one with the need to increase its level of talent as the secondary pet will be the one with a higher level of talent in order to create a new stronger pet. Highest level for every pet talent is level 10.

Pet Training School 

If you want your pet to be strong, it has to go to a pet training school. The two main skill groups of every pets are “attack” and “support”. “Attack” can be contributed by the owner of the pet (perhaps something to do with the owner’s skill?), while “support” can strengthen both the pet’s and owner’s other abilities. A pet can have up to 8 skills. When a pet is hatched, it carries with it four scrolls of skills. In this school, after choosing the correct options, the training will begin. However, when the “training bar” becomes full, the creature will be unable to train further. In the training process, the creature can discard some old skills in order to learn new ones. Every creature has their own weaknesses and strengths; if the player focuses on training its strength, it will result better compared to training its weakness.


Changing Pet Names

You can change the name of your pet at an NPC, but it will consume a certain amount of soul currency and the longest name for your creature is 8 characters.

Training for the Pet’s Soul

When the pet reaches a certain level, it can train its own soul. This special training can only be done by a few players forming a team. By training together, the effect will be much greater. The result of this training session will still retain the pet’s original breed, respective abilities, personalities etc. Different types of creatures can train together, and at the same time leveraging on each other’s strengths. Therefore, by training different pets together, it will result in a group of pets with many different strengths. Each pet can only undergo once of such special training. After this training is complete, the original creature will be kept, and the player actually obtains an additional new pet.

That’s it so far. Hope it helped to shed some light on the pet system. Don’t forget to come back for more, – oh, and don’t be shy to comment.

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