Forsaken World CB Phase 1 Invites

The invites for Forsaken World CB Phase 1 had been sent. Congratulation for those of you who got in. Unfortunately I was excluded. Well that’s random selection for you. The developers were not kidding. My invitation probably went to some random dude who only registered for the beta a few days ago with one of the extra keys that a lot of us were giving away on the official forum. He will play the game for a couple of hours than will go back to watch reruns of Friday Night Smackdown while eating cold pizza from yesterday and yelling at his grandma (with who he lives with) to turn off the radio and make him some more cookie.

Ok, that was the worst-case scenario, he or she could be the best beta tester ever walked on this planet. So I will stop complaining, I was just really hoping to get in the first round and get you even more info on the game.

So as much as I’d like to give you guys much more insight on Forsaken World, you will have to wait at least 3-4 weeks for that. Unless any of you reading this got into Phase 1 and would like to help out, then shoot me an email.

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