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The Marksman, as the only long-range attacking class in game, is a powerful DPSer in Forsaken World.

In Forsaken World, a Marksman needs to keep his position always close to the Priest. While attacking bosses in game, the Marksman also needs to take care of other mobs which are dangerous to the Priest. It is also very important to mark mobs so they bear higher damage and yield lower attacking precision. Don’t feel troublesome when marking mobs, because it can benefit your whole team in tearms of damage output. In Forsaken World, it is designed that the Marksman has a special “soul” status, and in this status the Marksman can gain a “soul bullet”. Marksman can accumulate 20 “soul bullet”, each gives him +1 precision. By consuming one “soul bullet” Marksman can get 20% additional damage on that attack. From this we can see how the Marksman is a great DPSer in the game.

Although the role of the Marksman in Forsaken World is relatively simple but they can sometimes cause problems. This is mainly because of their high damage output, pulling aggro off of the tank is quite common among Marksman. There are two kinds of pulling aggro in Long-range attacking classes, one of them is when a high damage skill with rapid firing rate leads to pulling aggro. In Forsaken World, some players prefer high damage and open full fire power. In fact this is inadvisable. For example, when Main-Tank (MT) got a stable attention from boss, suddenly a Marksman pulling aggro, then the boss will move towards him and MT needs to move with the boss. This changes the formation of the whole team and sometimes leads to unnecessary death or injury. The key here is to control your damage output.

When MT started to build attention from boss, a Marksman can either do normal attack or don’t attack, gradually start casting high-damaging skills only after MT had built a stable aggro from boss. Control the interval of skill casting, when feel that the MT’s aggro is not enough, immediately switch to normal attack to avoid pulling aggro. The other kind of pulling aggro is mainly happened during target switching. Because Marksman is a long-range class, when switching target or trying to select a particular target among a group of mobs, the Marksman will accidently attack the wrong target. This can happen quiet frequently. A bullet cannot be taken back after it is fired, so special attention is needed when switching targets.

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