New looks for wings of light

In Forsaken World the ‘wings of light’, as you may already know, can bring  more attributes to your character. The attributes will be different for different races and character levels.  However, which attributes you can get is still unknown yet. 

How to get the ‘wings of light’? In short, when the glossiness of your armors reaches 100, the wings of light will be activated. You can inlay gemstone on the armors to get the glossiness. You can get gemstones from some bosses, instances, and tasks.

When the Chinese open beta will start on Oct 21st, the development team of Forsaken World will launch an upgraded version of special effects on armors –Wings of light. When the armor’s glossiness reaches a certain stand, the wings of light will be active.

Outer space style wings of light for dwarves

Butterfly style wings of light for elves

Sci-fi style wings of light for stoneman

Supernatural style wings of light for kindred

Feather wings of light for human

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