10 Things to Prevent Epic Instance Fail

1. Have a good attitude.
People don’t have to put up with your crap, just as you don’t have to put up with theirs. Leave your problems at work, or anywhere but the game. You’re supposed to be playing this for fun.
Don’t be the King/Queen of the world either. Instead of ‘GO THIS WAY. NOW!’ try to say ‘could we try this path? Safer here’. Work WITH the team, not against it.

2. Communication.
Say what you need/want from the run. Say when you need time to drink/eat to replenish MP or anything. Say if you have to afk for 1 min. Say what you’ll be doing and ask if everyone knows what to do at the boss.

3. Don’t go afk in the middle of a fight. Simply do not. Especially if you’re the healer. Unless it’s something truly urgent(house on fire, kids choking with food), save it for later. Oki?

4. Check your pot stash. Make sure you have enough MP and HP. Priests are not Gods (yet), their skills have cooldowns too. If you see they can’t manage, save yourself. Up til lvl 30 (and even then) their heals suck. Even so, there’s still room for surprises later on. Just be prepared.

5. Make sure you have room in your bag. You want the drops, don’t you?

6. Buff at the beginning of the instance run. You can’t be running around buffing everyone when you should be fighting. Buff once and buff all. Whoever is in too much of a hurry to wait 10 seconds for the buffs isn’t getting them. Fair? Fair.

7. Make sure your equipment is repaired. And up-to-date. Don’t be a cheap bastard and use level 10 gear at level 40. The gear has levels for a reason!

8. Learn to be patient. Some races run slower, some fights don’t go quite as planned…someone is just now learning how to run that instance. Explain and be happy, next time he’ll know what to do. You were new at this too!

9. Make sure you have enough time to finish the run. If not, at least find a replacement.

10. Use English in party chat. Unless you’re ALL speaking another language. It’s frustrating to not understand anything of what’s going on.

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