Basic Crafting Guide

First, you need to open up the job menu. Press O. It’s going to look something  like this, depending on which jobs you have learned.


Now..let’s assume you want to  make some potions. Click on Alchemy. A new window will appear.

Elements showing:  the level of the job, how much more needed  to reach the next level (256/800), types of items you can craft. Here we have Potion types and Dream (exp) types.  Also, the  amount of essences  left and recently learned recipes.

I want to make some exp potions. So I expand the Dream section:

To make Sweet Dreamland.  I need 1 Lavender,  1 Wild Rose and 1 Essence for 1 bottle. Essence is something that regenerates on itself when you are online/offline-at a much slower rate. Nothing you can harvest. Now…you can either click on produce and make 1 bottle, or on consume all and make as many as you have materials for.

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