Basic Pet Guide

A basic pet guide for Forsaken World CB made by Zankou the leader of Legends and updated by me.

Minor Pet Guide for CB (lvl 1-29)

At first (from lvl 10) you can only have 3 Pets, These are;
Ramsey (They eat Fruit)
Wolfiej (They eat Meat)
Turtle (They eat Fruit)

Ramsey is a Hybrid pet with a Selfheal of 25% hp on a 1min c/d. (ok DEF, ok ATK).
Wolfiej is a DPS pet with a Defence debuff skill (super ATK, low DEF).
Turtle is a TANK pet with a 5 sec BUBBLE skill on a 3min c/d. (super DEF, low ATK).

Ramsey can only have one skill up to level 29, which is always the Selfheal.
Wolfiej can only have one skill up to level 29, which is always the defence debuff.
Turtle can only have one skill up to level 29, which is always the bubble buff.

The choice of your pet is personal during, but most people tend to go with Ramsey for the selfheal. Personally I really love Wolfiej, because I’ve seen the suckie version of it (400-500 growth rating) hit for 1100-1200 crits. But ya, its all personal preference.

To get a bit more in-depth regarding PETS.
At level 10 you will receive a quest when you enter Freedom Harbour, to talk with Rachel.
Rachel is a NPC that will give you your first PET. (u can choose between the above 3 mentioned). This will be a EGG that needs to be hatched. (Rightclick on it and it will start hatching). Also, make sure to continue to ask Rachel about the “Pet Whisperer”.
This is a daily quest which u can repeat 3 TIMES per day (on each level 10+ character u have). And i personally advise you to do so! Why u wonder? Well here goes..



Hatching Pets
What does this do? Well simple: The longer your pet remains in Hatching mode, the better!
When you received your first pet, and you rightclicked him, he will start Hatching.
When you move your cursor over the pet egg, it will show a certain “time”. This time represents the time the egg is hatching. These values are not fixed, and are entirely random.

white pets – hatching time under 10 minutes
green pets – hatching time over 10 minutes but under 30 minutes
blue pets – hatching time over 30 minutes but under 60 minutes
purple pets – hatching time over 60 minutes

For this stuff, you need to be really lucky. But even so, its a lot of fun, trust me
So in short: Do this quest 3 times a day, and hatch all these 3 pets. When lucky, it goes beyond 10 minutes, when u aren’t lucky, it will be below 10 minutes. Either way its worth a shot!

Growth Rating
What does this mean? Well.. remember the hatching process? The longer a pet is in hatching modes, the stronger it becomes. For example: a pet who hatched 5 minutes can have an rating of about 300~. (when u hover over it, u will see HP Growth 160~) for example.
Lets say u had an pet who was 9 minutes in the egg before it hatched, will have an rating of 600~. (the Hp growth here is about 175~). Meaning its “15” higher growth per level.
This might seem like nothing, but over 20-40 levels it’s a huge difference. These pets will be so strong, that its hard to believe. But as said earlier, its all about being lucky with hatching.

Pet Talents
What are Pet Talents? Well if your lucky your pet will have Passive talents.
3 Talents which can be aquired currently are: HP / ATK / DEFENCE.
A rank 1 talent will give an extra 2% Bonus on top of the normall Growth.
This is were Combining comes into play!

When combining, remember to have your “MAIN PET” on the left, and the Pet where u wanna steal Talent from, on the Right.

Even if you may have a CRAP pet with a low rating, when it has Passive skills its always usefull. Reason being as followed:
When Pet 1 (Ramsey for example) has Defence talent rank 1.
And your Main pet has HP Talent, and ATK Talent both on lvl 1, but no Defence talent, u can Combine “Merge” Ramsey with your Main pet.. What will happen is that the “Defence talent” will be transferred to main pet, and he will have all passives at level 1 after the process. Another thing i want to point out:
Passives can be levelled!! Yes that’s right.. lvl 1 Atk + lvl 1 atk ends up in a lvl 2 atk. (But this process is rather time consuming, because when you have a level 2 atk (u are going to need 2 level 2 attacks) to upgrade it to 3. (but rank 3 = 5% higher). All in all, its very well worth it, and certainly a lot of fun in my opinion. (I do believe upgrading can fail of passives after level 2, so keep this in mind).

Interaction is something available at the start of your first pet. Each time when it levels up, you will get interaction points u can distribute. Click on the “PAW” under your pets portrait to open this. U can then choose between several moods (Angry, Happy etc). Pick one of them that feels right, and start upgrading it. (U can only have 1 available / up per time), but i think u will earn enough interaction points on the higher levels to perhaps choose a second one. So balance the weakness out, and start pumping/maxing it out~! It will also gives your pet an ATK power boost.

What are Traits? Its simple: It’s the Resistance of the pet.
It can have 2 Strong resistance’s, and 2 Weak ones. Even though this process is random, i was able to get a pet with 2 Strong ones, and only 1 Weak one. But i also managed to be unlucky, and get a pet with 0 Strong ones, and 2 Weak ones. Now this may seem irrelevant at the lower levels, make sure when you want to boost your pet, that you have at least 2 Strong resistance Traits, and hopefully 0-1 Weak ones.

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