Emperor Canyon Walkthrough (Basic)

Emperor Canyon (20+ instance)

Doing instance runs is a good way of making money and obtaining gear. Emperor Canyon is a lvl 20+ instance. One can enter 5 times/day.


Enter the Canyon, kill the mobs in the hallway to reach the first boss, Charon. He’s not really tough so shouldn’t pose any problems. From here on, you can either kill the mobs or run through to reach the second boss. Most choose to run. Let the Protector or Warrior go first and follow close by.
You’ll see a rift, jump right there, or else the mobs will still follow you around. And eventually kill you. If you are not sure where to jump, follow the leader.

The second boss, Yuri, is a bit harder than the first one, still nothing too difficult though. Pull him back to the wall on the left and hit him with all you’ve got.

Once he’s dead, proceed to killing undead priests. They are surrounded by other mobs, so it’s best to lure them with the help of a Mage or pet if your party is low level. After killing 10 of them, the third boss, Apophis, will spawn.

The tactics for him: the boss will say some things during battle, so pay attention to the chat. Will always say two names and a command: either “stand close to each other” or “treat each other fairly” (meaning get away from each other). You must obey these commands otherwise you may end up dead.

Now, just run over the undead area until you reach the pyramid. Make sure to kill the rockgenie worms on the bottom of the stairs, because they drop worm sap, which removes the stun the boss will cast on the team.

The final boss: Mortis Desolant. He does the most damage of all, stuns, paralyzes, also summons rockgenie worms, which will most likely attack the healer. Though these are very weak and easy to kill, make sure you get them off the healer fast, before they get to interrupt any heals.
Once he’s dead, simply exit the Canyon.

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