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From our “ask your question about Forsaken World” thread we collected some popular questions that came up during CB Phase 1. Keir from Disorder Magazine was kind enough to help out with the answers. Take a look, you might find some answers regarding to your question about Forsaken World.

Forsaken World Bard

Q: would like to get the general idea of population on each class if possible xD

A: Protector is the most popular class, other than that its pretty evenly split

Q: I want to know what kind of damage all the classes are doing at lvl 29.. i also want to know how the classes fare in duels (Mage)

A: As a vampire, im hitting 660-700, a level 29 priest can hit 300-400 but really depends on the level of your weapon and whether its refined/has gems embedded into it.

Q: Sorry if this is a noob question but I was wondering how the talent tree relates to the skills. Do you get your general class skills and then the talent skills are just additional? Or is the talent skills your actual class skills? And are they passive and active skills?

And how often do you get new skills? Every five levels?

A: You can get skills from every level to every other level, to every 3 levels.. depends really.

Q: Is defence in this game absolute? Or with a percentage?


Absolute: +5 def = mobs hit 5 dmg less.
Percentage: +5 def = mobs hit 5% dmg less.

A: Everything about stats in Perfect World-games are done with percentages really.
And on how exactly it is calculated is nearly a mystery. One example of how it could be in Perfect World:

John has 1323 total defence (including base stats, gear, buffs etc)
Bob has an attack that normally does 500 damage.
Bob attacks John and hits him with 370 damage,
since John’s defence reduced the attack by 26%.

That’s how they have done it in the previous games using the same engine.
Seemingly random numbers, but somehow it makes sense (if you had all parameters).

In a real scenario there is a lot more that matters though, such as pvp-reduction (normally 75% in all PW games), character’s levels and attack & defence level (not sure if FW had that though).

If John, with his 1323 defence, fused a crystal to his gear that added 50 defence, it would only increase the percentage of the damage reduction by a small amount, lets say 1-5% in that case.

Q: What is the main difference be elven warriors and human warriors?
 Is it true that human warriors can easily put down elven warriors?
 Which of the two have better accuracy?(sorry im all about accuracy, i blame PWI)
 Is it hard to land a hit on dwarves XD.

A: The differences are the racial skill + buff and the talent bonuses vary a little.
Neither of them are better really, as it is the players’ skill that will decide in the end (if the characters are of somewhat equal level and gear).

Some talents favour the Elves and some favour Humans, you would have to check the talent calculator for the actual differences, don’t have them at hand currently.

Q: I heard about fishing a lot in the wake of the game launching close beta. A few fishing questions
1.Is it a skill and is it levelable
2.Do you get a special rod/pole and is it upgradeable
3. The fish or sea critters you catch can be eaten which in results restores hp( dumb question but had to ask).

A: There are basically two different kinds of fishing right now:

A: Fishing event. It is open several times a day. You don’t need any special skill to enter, and you will be granted a special temporary fishing pole during the event. The fish you catch in the event will be traded for medals from the NPC responsible for the event.

B: Fisherman occupation. It is essentially a skill, and it works in the same way that alchemy, cooking, botany etc works. You use up energy to fish, in the same way you use it for gathering herbs. You need a fishing rod in order to fish, and as far as I know you can’t upgrade the rod. You do upgrade the skill/occupation though. The higher it is, the better the fish you can catch. The fish you catch can be processed in to food using the cooking occupation.


A: DPS is probably Mage.

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