Marksman of Forsaken World

Dwarfs are the only Marksman in Forsaken World. They are not just the smallest class in the game, but they are the only ones with a gun that has some pretty good firepower. So when I was writing about Protectors and saying that size does matter, I think I was not exactly right, because these little guys or girls can put down an opponent triple their size, with ease.  The point is, if you are small, try to carry a big gun.

In Forsaken World the Marksman is a long-range class with some nice DPS capability. Single target and AoE skills, stun abilities, multiple shots, etc. are all included in the Marksman’s arsenal.

As with all other classes a special characteristic apply. It is called Crack Shot mode and it requires generating bullets from opponent in both PvE and PvP situations. Once the Marksman accumulated enough bullets, he or she can enter Crack Shot mode, in which the Marksman uses up the bullets to add extra power to skills and talents

If you want to easily hide under tables during pub brawls or settle disputes in the style of the old west(a shot between the eyes), than you should chose the Marksman in Forsaken World. Plus Dwarf girls are kinda cute ;).

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