Nightmare Carnival Guide

This Nightmare Carnival guide was made by Anotherplyer from Ragnarok Guild

Time: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
9:30 -22:30 Eastern Time Standard / -4 GMT
Number of Times a day: Once
Loaction: Northeast, Outside of Freedom Harbor
Rewards: Experience and Game Tokens (exchanged for coins and other prizes)
Required Level: 15
Required # of Players: 3
Recommended # of Players: 4+

Teleport from Freedom Harbor

So far one of the only ways we know of to gain coins (the only money traded between players and used to make a guild). You talk to the npc named Meid. You take a quest to turn in game tokens you get from the carnival. You can only turn in once a character, but you get another quest every 5 levels with more game token required and more coins received.

NOTE: I really should put in screenshots to make it less text heavy, I will once i get some 🙁

Event 1: The Poison Room

A simple mini-game where you cross a room without dying to the poison filling the room.
Before you start, talk to the npc in the corner close to where you start. This is important so that you take the quest for the event. If you don’t, you won’t get the exp and game tokens.

How to play:
So the only way to cross the room is staying on and following a blue healing ring that moves on its own.  Basically you just follow it as it heals you from the poison damage.

If you lag too much to stay on the circle, you can have a male carry you (embrace option when you right click the selected player’s portrait).

After you get to the end, there will be another npc. Talk to this npc to complete the quest and get the exp and game tokens

Event 2: Simon Says Hit The Strawman

This mini-game is a bit weird at first, but once you do it, it’s generally simple. There are 6 strawmen placed in the room. Each are numbered 1,2,3. So there are 3 strawmen that you attack and 3 that the npc attacks. So if the npc directs you to attack what he attacks and he attacks strawman #2 on his side. Then you attack strawman #2 on the otherside of the room.

How to play:
First you talk to the npc in the room. The person who talks to the npc is the only one who should be attacking the strawmen. He will tell you to prepare the “skill name”. This skill is always your first mp costing attack (i.e. warrior uses bash)

He will then tell you the rule on what to do which could be any of the following:

“Do what I say.”
 Self explanatory
“Do what I say, and do what I do.”
 First only do what he does, not what he says. Sometimes he may not do anything so follow what he says then.
“Don’t do what I say, but don’t do nothing.”
 Attack any strawman that isn’t the same as the one he is attacking
“Don’t do what I say or do, but don’t do nothing.”
 Attack any strawman he doesn’t attack or say to attack (which means it could only be one strawman to attack)

WARNING: Make sure your first attack is the skill required, otherwise the npc will say you didn’t do it right.

So you follow his rule for # times. When it ends, someone else talks to npc to start it again. This continues until 3 people of the party have done it (You can repeat the game with the same person)

*Put away your pets

Make sure you talk to the reward npc before heading to the next game

Event 3: Weighing Goblins: The Game…  😐
Description: There are two colored circles. These are balances need to be the same weight as the npc says. The game consists of 10 successful rounds plus any failed rounds. Players will stand in the circle to add weight, kill goblins to take off weight, or leave it alone to keep the same weight(Players don’t always have to be in both circles).

How to play:
Dwarves weigh 1
Humans/Elves/Kindreds weigh 2
Stonemen weigh 3
Goblins weigh 1

The npc will announce a number and goblins will spawn on both circles. In a limited time, just balance to that number with the players and goblins you have.

*Usually best to have certain people on one side and others on other side so there is less confusion on where to go
*Just have one person kill the goblins on each side so you don’t accidently kill goblins you need

Make sure you talk to the reward npc before heading to the next game

Event 4: Collecting Antiques
Description: You enter a large circular empty room with a npc in the middle. He starts to explain the “game”. Basically you have limited time to gather as many antiques as you can. All you do to gather is click on the antique items that spawn randomly around the room and you take time to pick it up. The npc eventually will start chasing players. He is rather slow and only chases one at a time. He will say the name of the player he is chasing in chat. In the beginning and when someone is caught, bug mobs will spawn and automatically attack nearby players. This will interrupt your gathering, but will die in one hit from any attack. Also if he catches you, he can cast different debuffs on you including a slow that lasts around 20 seconds. There is also a root he casts to makes you sit in place for about 5 seconds.

*Its best to spread out so people can have room to grab the closest antiques without running into one another.
*Bring out your pet and place the pet attack on your hotkeys. Spam tab and the hotkey so your pet can do the killing while you continue to gather antiques safetly.
*Even if you are being chased by the npc, you can still grab antiques. You can make sharp turns when he starts heading towards you because the npc tends to go in a straight line to where you were. He then ends up pausing at where you were and he wastes less of your gathering time.
*This where I say to have at least 4 or more members because the less people there are, the less antique spawns. With 3 people there were barely any antiques for all of us

Gather 40 antiques – Porudock
Gather 50 antiques – Porudock II
Gather 60 antiques – Porudock VI + VIII
Gather 70+ -???

Once time is up, the antiques will disappear. Another npc at the end of the room will appear. Talk to him and “return antiques” to get the exp and tokens. Talk to him again to leave.

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