Protector of Forsaken World

The tallest of them all (9 feet tall or about 2.7 meters, as we say in Europe), the Protector is the true tank of Forsaken World. Well size does matter, at least in this case, in the world of online gaming it does. But size is just one of the things that made the Stonemen race the best and only candidate for the role of Protector in Forsaken World.

Yes, that’s a big guy

Beside their ability to absorb a lot of damage with their granite body, in exchange they can hand out some pretty nice punishment with their huge hammer.

Sworn to protect their fellow group members, the Protector is an essential part of any raiding party in Forsaken World. Protectors are doing their job, that is hence the name protecting the others, by keeping the opponent’s attention on them using agro-pulling skills and shout abilities.

 While being the group’s main defense, Protectors can take advantage of the absorbed damage, by accumulating their racial ability from it. This is known as Fury and it can increase the effectiveness of many skills. The more Fury accumulates the more powerful their skills and abilities will become. So beating a Stonedude for a long time will only make him stronger. Fury points can be used for additional damage or defense, but since their number is limited, cautious usage is advised.

If you’d like to be seen from a mile away and don’t mind the occasional grit on your shining armor, than go ahead and pick the Stoneguy and be the Protector of forsaken World.

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