Refining – Fortifying Gear/Weapon

You can do this at the Metalsmith.

Step 1. Drag and drop your armor/weapon in slot number 1.

Step 2. You will see the slots for EITHER dim star debris or those stars. Can use either one to refine. Dim Star Debris has a lower success percentage, you need more of them to reach 100%. You can also combine the two types of refining items. Mix until you’re satisfied.

Dim Star Debris comes from quests and instance drops. Star Crystals can be obtained by praying and achievement.

Also, note that after +5, the dim shards are not as effective as the stars. So you’re forced to use those instead.

Second note:  only the base stats will be improved. Not the bonuses/ blue stats:


You  also gain 1 gem socket for every +3 on your item.

Step 3. You see the success percentage. Keep on adding dim/stars (use the + button) until it reaches 100% or close to that.

Step 4. Make sure you have the necessary money.

Bound gear/weapon needs soul-coins for refine.
Unbound needs tradable coins.

Step 5. Press START.


Tiny little addition:
Here’s a screenie of FH town.

I marked with 1 the box where you can type in an NPC’s name, in case you forgot where it is, or quest has no auto-route. Or to find the above-named Metalsmith.
For 2, I circled the teleporters. Blue ones are free, they teleport you within a map. Green ones cost soul-coins and teleport you from one map to the other.



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