Surviving RPK

PvP servers. You all know what that means. You are bound to face another player in a battle at some point. For most of us, that means once we reach level 30.

What can you do about it? There will always be people that will love PvP and some love RPKing. They get a thrill out of it. Same as we get from killing that insanely tough boss in a dungeon.

Will start with the three main things, that you mustn’t do in my opinion.

ONE: do not let it ruin your day/gameplay. It’s just the death of a row of 0s and 1s. Sure, it represents you. Sure, you can’t stay all day to quest in FW. Sure, it’s frustrating to die like that.
But it’s only as bad as you let it be.
Show RPKers you couldn’t care less about it. Which brings me to number:

TWO: don’t talk back to them, don’t curse them out, don’t spam them. They are attention whores. They like when they are flamed in chats, when they’re known server-wide, even for RPKing. Simply ignore it and move on. They are bound to get bored of it. Treat them like ghosts and you are taking away their joy. That hurts way more than simple words.

THREE: don’t play the victim. If you’re in a group, use that to your advantage. Don’t run while your team-mate is getting slaughtered. Gang up on the RPKer. Together you can bring him down. And guess what…the darker the red name, the more stuff he’ll drop. So go ahead and hit him with all you’ve got, share the drops after. Heck, maybe he wants to buy them back. Now that would be fun, no? So save some + attack pots and food and fight back!

Other things you might consider doing:
-don’t party with them. Don’t help them with quests, bosses, don’t even buff them. Cause you know what happens after. Fully buffed and healed, they can very well kill you now. It happened to me.
Ignore the RPKers.

-don’t play solo. Group up. It’s more fun anyway. Time to make friends and enjoy the MMO experience. People are not anti-social beings. Well, the majority isn’t. Be nice, polite, even if you had a crappy day at work. The game is the game. Have fun, meet people. You’re safer in a group anyways.

-if none of the above work for you or doesn’t fit your style, make your own ‘rules’. But no matter what, remember that at the end of the day, this is a GAME and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. You can always move to another one, change the server, or go vote for a PvE server. Ya know, actually you all go do that. I’ll be waiting here.


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