Arena Opens in CN Version

source:  CN official site

In the CN version of Forsaken World the first arena is about to open. So PvP fans, get your gear and team ready, cause it means that this will happen in the NA/EU versions too. Maybe as early as OB? Who knows, but one thing for sure, there will be some Arena fights where not only personal strength but teamwork will play a crucial part.

 Forging Snow Arena

It looks like there are 4 arenas planed at this moment. The first being this one. You can see all four arena maps and aerial shots here on the official forum

Ready to Rumble

Oh, and congrats to those who got in phase 3. For the rest of us, if you got a key and waited this long to get in, at least you know that there’s only a few more weeks left and you definitely get to play. Don’t worry, time will go fast and once inside, everybody will forget about the waiting. So patience my friends, the time is near.

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