Elite Mobs: Shard Droppers

Shards are tradable drops or rewards that allow you to purchase blue gear from the weird little garden gnome things near Teleporter Matthew in Freedom Harbour. The first shards you come across will be Obsidian Shards, which look like burnt cornflakes. These allow you to buy low level blue gear (lvls 10 – 19), but to begin with you’ll only be given 12 of them. Each item of gear costs four shards, so to begin with you can only buy three items out of the set of five.

Gnome Vendor Location

I’ve noticed a few people on World Chat asking how to get more shards, so they can complete the collection, and the answer is Elite Mobs. Elite Mobs tend to look exactly the same as the regular old mobs that surround them, but they have a much larger health bar and their names begin with ‘Elite’, which is a bit of a giveaway. Beat seven shades of hell out of the Elite Mobs and they’ll drop a single shard.

The Elite Mobs tend to respawn after around ten minutes, so it’s best to discover the locations of several of them and then run back and forth between them to allow the others to respawn while you’re away.

Obsidian Shards can be found in Kalaires Plain. After level 20 you’ll want to go hunting around the Sea of Oblivion for red shards, and so on as new areas open up (moon stones and turquoise shards).

Gnome Vendor and Elite Mob

The benefits of a complete set of gear are clear to see. With each additional item in a set comes a bonus to defence, HP, MP etc. so a complete set of low lvl blue gear (lvls 10-19) can be much more effective than a set of green higher level gear cobbled together from random drops.

Farming those Elite Mobs is definitely worth your while.

Happy hunting!

Steve M

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