Forsaken World PvP Diagnosis

If you are still waiting for your invite like Muppetpilot  on the Forsaken World Forum, you are probably wondering how this new MMO handles its pvp.

PvP in Forsaken World is open, yes almost anyone can attack you. This only happens after reaching level 30 so you’re in luck for your first few levels.

After hitting 30 though the ballgame is very different. You obtain a skill [wrath awaken] which when activated shows a yellow glow fiery around your hand. you will notice a bar above your head, indicating how much wrath you have.

Activating this Wrath Awaken in Forsaken World doesn’t actually flag you for PVP but your wrath meter will start to slowly drain. On the other hand you can also target players attack and Wrath Awaken will auto activate. To keep wrath awaken going you are going to need orbs

Orbs are the foundation of pvp in this MMO, players who are activated on wrath and attack will generate orbs as they use skills, initially orbs are purplish red and black and are not obtainable. After the orb turns yellow, anyone who has wrath awaken activated is able to pick up the orb. The wrath gauge once full produces a red fire glow on the players hand and the bar will change to red. Once they have a Red Hand  attack power if doubled and skills hit harder AoE effect spells become very strong which makes vampires and mages very very heavy targets so do not allow an enemy of this class become red handed.

PVP Modes   

So someone has begun to attack you yet are unable to attack them back. For a fresh 30 it is a pain in the butt until you realize you have to ask the other players how to turn on pvp.  By default there is a non pvp setting and an allied pvp setting. To control these using Forsaken Worlds defaults press control tab.

Altering these to fit the player becomes necessary depending whether you have allies or Kill on Sight orders. There is  a small button part of the hp gauge as displayed in the picture to alter your PvP Settings. This can alter who you can attack by player name and your personal guild. It also can alter your tab targeting whether you select  monsters or players first or only.


PK mode names 

  1. White Named – player not engaged pvp, nor have they retaliated to attacker has a 2% of dropping an item if killed.
  2. Orange Named-Player has attacked a white or orange player or pet. If this player kills a white name they will become Red Named. Attacking a retaliating player who is orange or attacks white while will become orange. Both parties if orange will not go red named if one kills the other. Has a 2% chance of items dropping.
  3. Pink-Red Named- player with pk kill points, darker the red the higher the pk points. It is safe to attack these player, they have a high chance of dropping unbound gear and item in their inventory if killed. Will not flag the current player to orange name


Reductions and Effects

If you become Red Named , you can tell how many pk points Forsaken World has given you by hitting  [ C ] these points each take one hour to go away. If you decide to continue to pking and run the risk of being killed as a red player you have a fairly high chance of losing the equipment in your bag that is unbound to you. Also when your Max Durability of your equipment  that your wearing will degrade when you die. Using durability shards to repair equipment that loses max durability has a cost which increases every five uses.


Guild wars are not included in this red name exchange nor is it included in with its level requirements, guild wars allows all opposing guild to attack any level player of the guild without the chance to lose anything or does it degrade equipment. These battles last for thirty minutes and must have both guild leaders online in order for one to accept the battle and the other for the challenge. Only guild level 2 and higher may declare war.

Lastly the only safe places to hide from pvp would be in town or near teleportation stones. The exact bounds of the safezone are kinda iffy, so be safe, enjoy pvp, or QQ.  Either way this has been GC of the Erydaian informing you hoping for enjoyable pvp and pking in 2011.

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Author's Bio: Writer and Administrator of The Erydaian and having played since Day 1 of FW CB1 hoping to pass on that information to intel seeking Forsaken World players

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