Guild Base 1.0 Guide & Walkthrough

by: Ashai [monaka on FW-forums]

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1 Short Intro to Guild Bases
2 Chapter I: Requirements and Information for Bidding
3 Chapter II: How to enter your Guild Base
4 Chapter III: Main NPCS Important Quests
5 Chapter IV: Guild Tree & Requirements
6 Chapter V: Other NPCs

Short Intro to Guild Bases

The Floating Bases are a stronghold for a Guild. Once obtained it can be used to assist its leader and its members in making/crafting and obtaining items that you may not get in the regular world of Forsaken World.

Floating Bases are also the first step to a level 4 guild. As your members build it up it changes and grows along with your hard work. A living proof of your members hard work and dedication for visitors to see.

Part I: Requirements & Information for Bidding

There are two parts necessary in being able to bid on a base once it becomes available. Part of it is your guilds hard work and dedication and the second is the servers’ development.

Requirements for YOUR guild to be able to bid on a floating base is the following:

  • Lvl 3 Guild
    6000 Contribution Points
    2 diamonds [actual money not soul coins]

[Hint: to get Contribution points your members must do the daily guild quests through Jessica near the Magic Fountain in Harbor. She gives you envelopes to pick out 3 quests a day to get credit for. And 1 Daily Donation Quest.]

HINT: You will probably find yourself and your members saving more than the 2 diamond requirement to bid. As it can become an all-out war of bidding to get the castles. So expect to fork out a good chunk of money if you really want a floating castle.

[In Close Beta the winning bids where around 3 diamonds or a little over. For an example.]

Requirements for the Server and other guilds are the following:

  • Server must be at 100% by a upcoming Monday (It’s also assumed after so may progressions of 100%). If it has met the requirement then at 18:00 server time, Lawrence [In Harbor by the magic fountain] will open up
    the bases for auction/bidding. Bidding will continue until that Wednesday around the same time however bases can end at any time with the time frame for auctions.
  • Each guild can choose 3 options for their bid. If there are no free slots to bid, you need to overbid an existing bid.
    Every new bid in a taken slot costs 10% more

– HINT: THE MORE GUILDS that meet the above requirements for a lvl3 guild. The more bases Lawrence will open up for bidding!
– HINT: The end of the bidding is announcements made in yellow with roses flying everywhere to congrat you for claiming your base.

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