Phase 4 is Live

We have arrived at the last Phase in CB. Now that Forsaken World’s Phase 4 is up and running, after a short delay due to technical problems, here’s a little summery on what had been changed

Patche Notes:

Level cap raised to 60.
The number of available realms to play on for each server has been raised to 10.
Two new PvE oriented servers, Storm – an East coast server, and Lionheart – a West coast server.
The auction house has been added.
Groundwork for the Mentor system has been implemented. More information about this system will be provided in a future article.
Localization/bug fixes across all gameplay elements

Server list:

Eyrda – East Coast (PVP)
Storm –  East Coast (PVE)
Lionheart – West Coas (PVE)

If you were playing in previous phases, your characters are still there on the Eyrda server. It shows 0 role when you first log in, but the characters are still there. Now you can start from scratch on one of the two new servers, but keep in mind that, although the character wipe was canceled for phase 4, it will happen at the end of the phase, before going into OB.

So if you have level 50 characters it’s better to stick to them for now, even if you prefer PVE and would like to switch in the future. Unless you are a hardcore player and can level up to 60 in no time, this way you have one month to test the lvl 50-60 content. Don’t forget, this is still CB and testing is the main purpose of these phases.

And last let me say hello to the newcomers with the new welcome screen from Forsaken World

Now go and play 🙂

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