Bard And Note Progression System Basics

The bard, one of the (from what I have seen) lesser known classes is actually kind of a big deal, being able to DPS some, debuff, buff, and heal.

The bard is a class only playable by elves so sorry Stonemen you can’t run around playing a harp though that would be intimidating. It is a class capable of many things, being able to do some decent DPS’ing, buffing,debuffing, and heck they even got an AOE heal to boot! Now there are people think that the priest is a superior class with their HP buffs and greater healing and whatnot but they don’t have much when it comes to buffs, yeah they got some amazing HP buffs and even an MP buff, but where’s the defense buffs and attack buffs? Now, that’s where the Bard shines.

Being a bard is fairly simple, in parties keep your buffs up, heal when necessary, and whenever the previous two don’t need to be done, just throw out some DPS’ing skills.

The cool thing about the bard is its note progression system which lets you essentially turn your DPS into buffs for you and your party! A simple way to think of this is, you have a box which contains 3 notes and u have skills that play a certain note (chord of light plays an E note) when you get 3 notes of a certain order it activates a buff for you (or your party depending on the buff) now when a buff says it needs a CDC chord progression it means you need to play 3 notes, 2 of them have to produce C chords and one of them has to produce D. You can play these in any order for example chord of wind makes a C chord and chord of water  makes a D chord. So in order to start it, all you do is use chord of wind then water then wind and boom! you activated a buff. Now what are the benefits beside to say: I got a buff? Well you just dealt out some pretty solid damage too.

Now that you know how the note system works I’ll give some tips on how to play as a bard and some just on how to be good at FW.

*keep your pet out, heck I don’t even let my pet tank I just have my wolf out for some extra damage thus saving you money on HP and MP pots

*alwayyysssss keep MP pots handy even if you are just doing normal quest

*Pro Tip: drink and eat food at the same time for 4 buffs when you’re done eating

*Try picking up botany or mining, something you can do while fighting to save some money or even make some

Just because you’re a healer doesn’t mean you aren’t able to duel, I’ve beaten mages two levels above me! (bad exmaple though lol)

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