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Some important update on the progress of the fansite.

We added a database section to the upper menu. You will find a searchable collection of maps showing location of resources, elites, bosses etc. and other Forsaken World information like recipes, items, gear, etc. We already uploaded a few maps for you, and will be adding additional information regularly. So make sure you bookmark the page and come back often to check for available data. Click here to take a look now.

Also, we have our own Facebook fanpage now! So if you find the information, that we provide on Forsaken World HQ useful, than please like us on Facebook and help getting the word out to the community. You can see the  fanpage here

Sebastian Graves – Lost Lighthouse

And finally one more thing. We have yet another addition planned and if things go right it will be implemented too ;). I cannot tell you much about it now (it’s supposed to be a surprise), but let just say that those of you who were missing the forum, might just get their wish fulfilled and maybe even more.

The future looks very exciting for this awesome game called Forsaken World and we try to make things exciting here on Forsaken World HQ too.  So make sure you bookmark us, like us, subscribe us and stay with us, cause you will not regret it.

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