Kindred Mage Talent Basics And Gear Tips

Hello everyone I will explain you the Kindred Mage based on my ingame experience. I can’t tell a lot of differences between Human and Kindred Mage but I saw that the Kindred Mage got higher damage capability than the Human so let’s start to know it a little better.

At first if you choose a Kindred Mage, be ready to deal huge damages, have very effective skills, great looking armors and weapons but all this great things got disadvantages; low defense and low HP. These two are important in online games but I believe the best defense is attacking and don’t worry you will decrease your incoming damage with buffs and HP regeneration. I will explain to you how to get this all perfectly and with the help of your own capabilities you will have a great Kindred Mage.

I want to give you some info about servers. For now Forsaken World got 3 PvE and 1 PvP server. It’s your choice but one advice from me; if you choose mage and want to make it a PvP character choose PvP server because in my game experience I’ve seen that AoE skills are not very useful, because Forsaken World got huge maps and the distances between mobs so far, for that AoE skills are not very useful. You need to gather them up while farming by yourself. Also, in instances AoE skills not working very effective, for example when monsters are together mostly the AoE skill hits 3 monsters not like 8 monsters as on the skill information.

Until lvl 20 you will be able to get your basic element skills from the mage tutor in Freedom Harbor and you will keep going to get your new skills from the mage tutor after that but the specialty of lvl 20 is you will be able to choose your own way, yes it’s TALENTS. Talent means that you can choose your mastery of controlling the elements of FIRE, WIND and ICE. Let’s have a look at these elements;

FIRE: If you want to be a master of flames and create big flame waves the choice is fire. The biggest specialty in the Fire tree that it has the best AoE skill amongst the other elements. Maybe you can’t deal so much damage, but you will be able to burn everything in front of you. Every element got its own specialty and fire element’s specialty is dealing extra damage slowly every second and decreasing enemy’s HP base, skill’s attributes and players stats. If you want to create a PvE character, I suggest you to focus on your fire mastery, I don’t advice you to choose this if you want a PvP character.

WIND (LIGHTINING): With the Wind element skills you can create big thunder waves, shock your enemies and throw them away from you. This is good because mages need distances between them and their enemies. If they won’t be able to reach you, you can kill them easily. Wind skills are AoE skills and can effect more than 1 player or monster but as I said before, not very useful in Forsaken World because of the distances between monsters, the skill cannot reach a lot of mobs at the same time. Wind skills specialty is making enemies fall back and get them away from you and paralyze them for a few seconds. My advice is Wind mastery must be the submastery after Fire or Ice depending on your choice.

ICE (FROST,WATER): Here are the most effective non-multi high damage skills, effecting only 1 enemy but I’m sure that they deal the best damage out of the other elements. Biggest specialty of this element is freezing a target for a few second but it got disadvantage too. When the enemy is so close to you I mean if you are in its attack range it continues to attack you but it can’t move, so for that when you used ice skills always keep your distance between you and your enemy. Also, when the enemy is frozen it’s defense getting increased because of skills specialty but this won’t be problem for you, because you will still keep going to deal great damages on it because you are a great Kindred Mage. Ice element is for PvP characters. You can deal great damages, this is my advice you can choose your own way.

Wanted to show you my talent tree but the official sites skill tree is different than the in game tree, and for that I don’t wanna show you wrong information. At last about talent trees, you can choose FIRE for main mastery and LIGHTNING for submastery for a PvE character. For PvP you can choose FROST for main mastery and LIGHTNING for submastery. If you say that I am so crazy you can try different things and choose FIRE and FROST together and not choosing LIGHTNING or the other choice keeping all of them in same lvl and got same mastery lvl on all elements, make your choice and have fun…

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