Midas’ Touch Detailed Guide

In Forsaken World the Midas’ Touch quest is a great way to make money (gold coin). We all need extra income, besides selling stuff in the AH or at a stand, and this quest offers an excellent solution for that.

Prerequisites for doing the Midas’ Touch quest:

  • Reach lvl 30
  • Be a member of a Guild
  • Have Mercury Statuette in your bag
  • Have Alchemy Proxy in your bag

Christopher The Midas Quest Dude

Reaching lvl 30: this should not take you long as leveling goes pretty fast in the early stages of the game.

Being a member of a Guild: by the time you are lvl 30 in Forsaken World, a lot of you are probably joined some kind of Guild or just about to join cause many Guilds are looking for 30+ players to join. But if you yet to find the right group of players to share your gaming experience with, don’t worry, there is another option. If you press “Y” on your keyboard, a Guild Info window will appear. At the bottom it will tell you that between lvl 20-59 you can join the Freshman’s Guild, which is a system established Guild, to help you experience Guild Quest and stuff. Just click the Freshman’s Guild tab at the bottom right and you will be given the option to be part of one of the Lionheart Reserve system Guilds. You most likely never get a Guild Base with these guys but it will do the trick for guild quests.

Mercury Statuette: this little golden statuette is a Boutique item so the easiest way to get it is simply buy it from the cash shop. It only costs 20 leafs so it’s no biggie. Don’t feel like spending leafs on this? Than you got two more options: buy it from the AH or by it at a player’s stand. Now, with these other options (buying from other players) you will have a much smaller gold coin profit margin, but you will not spend real money on it. Unless you got the gold, used for buying the mercury Statuette, for selling cash shop items. Ok let’s move on before I start confusing even myself. I will include a profit analysis at the end of the guide.

Alchemy Proxy: this you can get from Lawrence (Guild Manager) in Freedom Harbor near the Fountain. You will need Merit in exchange to receive Alchemy Proxies. This is why you need to be in a Guild, because you can only obtain Merit from Guild Quests. The Guild Quest can be picked up from Jessica (Guild Master), who is standing next to Lawrence. You are entitled to receive Alchemy Proxies daily, according to your current level:

  • Level 30: 1 exchange per day
  • Level 35: 2 exchange per day
  • Level 40: 3 exchange per day
  • Level 45: 5 exchange per day
  • Level 50: 5 exchange per day

Let’s move on to the actual quest!

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