Advanced Nightmare Carnival Guide

With the new Gaze of Larex patch the Advanced Nightmare Carnival was introduced In Forsaken World. For those of you who might need some guidance in completing this instance, here’s an overview of the tasks.

Basic info

The Advanced Nightmare Carnival is open daily from 9:30 – 22:30

Requirements: 40+ and in a party of 3+

This instance is only available 3 times per week. It has four rooms just as the regular Nightmare Carnival. Your rewards will be Carnival Coins, which you can exchange for gifts at the Porudock dude on Rainbow Island (same guy who gives the weapons).

Out of the three times you can only redeem your rewards once, so if you and your party performs poorly on a particular section, you might want to give it another shot before you claim your Coins. Once you claimed your Coins in a room you are done for that room for the week in terms of getting Coins. You can still enter the instance if you haven’t used up all of your 3 chances yet, but you will not get more rewards. You can still help out friends and guilds members though.

The Walkthrough

The ANC (Advanced Nightmare Carnival) has four parts (rooms) just like its little brother the normal Nightmare Carnival.

The dummy Ogre chess room:

In this room you need to play chess (not real but FW style chess) with the help of an Ogre.

Objective: move the giant chess piece from one end of the room to the other, under or over the indicated rounds.

In the beginning the chess piece stands on the blue circle and needs to be moved to the red circle on the other side. The chess player NPC (Conte) will announce a number of rounds and will tell you to either complete the task in under or over this number. Your party and Conte will take rounds alternatively. All rounds are counted.

How much the chess piece moves forward is determined by the number on the wooden calculator, rolled by the helpful Ogre. Minimum number is 1 max is 4. When it’s your turn, you can tell the Ogre how many squares you want the chess piece to move by standing in his line of sight indicated by the blue light in front of him. He’s a little shortsighted and not the brightest egg in the basket, so he can only count up to 4. If one person stands in the light before the roll, the number will be 1, if two then 2, all the way up to 4.

There are special squares on the board:

  • Red: if the chess piece lands on it, it will move one square back
  • Yellow: if the chess piece lands on it, it will move to the next yellow square
  • Blue: if the chess piece lands on it a gift box will appear near the wooden thingy. Attack it to open and get the loot.

Use these colored squares to speed up or slow down the progress as needed. When the chess piece had reached the red circle you are ready to go to the next room. If you satisfied with the result don’t forget to claim your Carnival Coins from the NPC before you teleport to the next room. If you not satisfied with the result don’t claim it and come back later to try again. Remember you have 3 tries per week.

Cannon vs Candles:

This second room has 12 cannons lined up. 6 on one side and another 6 next to it in an L shape.

Objective: shoot the candles which will appear in front of the cannons and collect the most amounts of points for it.

The candle shooting frenzy consists of 10 rounds. In each round one shoot per person is allowed. If you have a full party, divide the players by 3 on one side and 3 on the other. Once you shoot the cannon, the projectile will level all the candles in the row in front of it. Before you go all G.I. Joe on the pure candles there are some things you should know.

Value of the candles:

  • Red: 1 point
  • Blue: – 5 points
  • Yellow: 100% increase of the final score for the round

As you guessed it, blue candles are a Big No-No.  Your main targets should be red and yellow candles. Especially yellow. There could be some situation when it’s worth to take out a blue. For example if that row also has like two yellows in it, but it all depends of the available red candles beside this row, so make a quick calculation before you say lights out to little candles.

When the ten rounds are up, collect your reward (if you want) and move on.

Whack ‘em by names:

This one is really simple. Although if you are dyslexic you might want to sit this one out.

Objective: kill the little fruit thingies named by the NPC or avoid killing them.

In each round a bunch of fruits with weird names will spawn in the room. There are to situations:

  • The NPC will announce the name which ones you have to kill. Kill Only Those!
  • Sometimes the NPC will say the name which you have to avoid killing. Kill the rest only!

No AoE skills! Only single target attacks. If you kill the ones that are not supposed to die yet, it will reduce your final score and the available Carneval Coins rewarded. Just don’t go berserk and you’ll be fine

White Elf can’t jump:

The last room. It has a bunch of different size columns in it.

Objective: get to the NPC standing on the gallery on the left end of the room, by jumping on top of the columns.

Start from the sandbags and work your way up to the higher crates and barrels. You can only jump one level up in height. If you fall you have to start again.

When you get to the NPC he will tell you your time. The reward is determined by this time. If you not happy with it, come back later for another round before you claim your Coins.


You get Carnival Coins as rewards and you can exchange them at Porudock Leukas the 8th on Rainbow Island. Choose the gift option on the left and then exchange the coins for Carnival Gift Boxes. 10 Coin = 1 box. Right click the boxes to reveal your reward. You can get off hands, HP and Mana regen stuff or costumes that can turn you into something funny for 5 minutes. Something like these:

Well, that sums it up. The new Advanced Nightmare Carnival definitely adds some more joy to the game so shoot that candles and jump the barrels and enjoy the experience.

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