Cooking Tutorial – Got Fruit Dew?

Forsaken World provides us with so many fun things, as well as with some quests that can make a newbie cry for help. The Cooking Tutorial quest, given by our well-fed master chef Michell, is one of them. No, not the Wolf Meat kind, but the infamous Fruit Dew.

I remember when I first tried making it, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I was standing on top of the flaming logs and was wondering where the hell my bowl disappeared.  I was already on my way back to Michelle, to have a couple of not so nice words with him, regarding his disappearing bowl, when it miraculously reappeared in my bag.  So it turned out that it is standard procedure for bowls to go missing for a while during Fruit Dew brewing action. And that was just one of the things that I didn’t get that time.

I’ve seen on the forums that it’s still causing some headaches for beginner chefs, so for all the newbies out there here’s an overview of the actual quest:

You start the quest at Michell in FH. Your objective is: make 4 Fruit Dews. Easy right? Well it’s not too hard once you know what to do.

You will get a bowl and wood from Michelle and you need to get Sweet Fruit to make the Dew. Sweet Fruits are found only on Rainbow Island. If you never been to there, it is to North East where the Nightmare Carnival is. If you explored that area already, you can teleport there (closest location is from Angeal Temple), if not, you have to go there by foot or on your mount.

The Sweet Fruits are on the small island with the big statue. Collect more than 4 before you start cooking. You need more, sometimes way more than 4, because there is a high chance that your cooking will fail and you end up with Failed Fruit Juice instead of Fruit Dew. Collect like 6-7 for starters, you can always get more if they fail.

In your bag there is Reusable Firewood. Right click it and it will start a fire. Now don’t just stand there shouting “I have made fire!!!” first of all you not Tom Hanks, and second there is no time for shouting so get to work.

The fire will start right underneath your feet. You will have to move back a little because you can’t cook so close to it. Right click the bowl in your bag. If you are in the right distance it will start cooking. The bowl will disappear and a few seconds later either a Failed fruit Juice or a Fruit Dew will appear in your inventory. Sometimes the cooking takes a little longer so just be patient. You need to repeat the process until the cooking is completed successfully for 4 times and you end up with 4 Fruit Dews in your bag (and a bunch of failed ones).

Things to watch for:

  • The fire will run out eventually. Actually, your best chance to make a Fruit Dew is while the cooldown effect is visible on the wood icon. Once the fire is out, you will have to start a new one.
  • Have enough free space in your bag. This one is crucial for success. The Firewood, the Bowl and the Sweet Fruit will already take up 3 extra spaces in your inventory. Now you need 1 more for Failed Juice, 1 more for Fruit Dew and at least on more. Why? Because it looks like that new staff in your inventory do not stack up automatically. First it will occupy a free slot and it will stack up only after that. So 3+3 = 6 empty slots needed before taking on this quest. You can go with 7 just to make sure. If you don’t have enough room you will never get this right.
  • Your bowl will disappear after each try. Don’t panic (like I did first) you will get it back just be patient.

That should conclude this little tutorial. I might missed something, so if you have something to say don’t be shy to comment.

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