Gaze of Larex is Live

The wait is over and the Gaze of Larex update for Forsaken World is live. Big update lots of new things. Here are the patch notes.

New Features:
Arenas: Press T to open the Party System during the designated times and queue to join either 3v3 or 6v6 battles. Just like a normal instance you may choose to enter in a group of 3 or 6, or take your chances and apply personally. Rewards can be purchased by entering the purple portal opposite Hugh Sutherland and spending your hard won arena points at special vendors.
Marriage: Speak with the Wedding Manager next to Rio in Freedom Harbor if you’re interested in Marriage. You will need at least 2 rings (one Bride’s Ring and one Groom’s Ring) to get hitched. The Wedding Manager will happily talk you through the whole process including, should the worst happen, divorce.
New AFK Zone: The Training Grounds are calling out to all adventurers. Anytime over level 40 speak to your Faction Rep Leader, and the AFK option will be replaced with the offer to enter the Training Grounds. Not only can you can EXP here, but you can also Auction, Vend, Refine Gear, and use your Bank.
Advanced Nightmare Carnival: I know you’ve been waiting, it’s finally here. Lv40+ in a party of 3 or more. Play chess, shoot cannons, slaughter discriminately, and bounce your way to all new prizes, and the chance to get some costumes of the carnival workers.
Level Cap Raised: 60-70 content now open. See the game’s main page to keep up on all the news about Ancestral Catacombs.
Dancing! After reaching Lv5 Socialite you can learn to Dance from Pierre Dannika. It’s said that you can even teach your party members how to emulate your sweet moves.
Pet Soul Transfer: A new option from Hicks. With the correct item you will be able to transfer all talent levels and skills to a different pet.
New Job: Jewelcrafter now open. Speak to Mina Starwind near the Artisan tutor to learn how to create rings, necklaces, and more powerful Gems.
Some Graphics updates, including new party member graphics that make it much easier to track the location of your party members. Hint: This is very useful in an arena
New Items:

-Chromatic Shell: This useful item found will allow you to automatically finish the Guild Base quest Benefits: Base Construction. You can Donate it at the Guild Base Manager to instantly gain the rewards of all 4 rounds of your Construction quests.
-Lucky Top: Irritated that you got Run Lola, Run again? Now you can spin the top after receiving a Personal Luck quest to drop the quest with no penalty. It also has a chance to give you a Green or Blue Personal Luck quest that will grant greater rewards.
-Memory Fruit: For use in the Training Grounds, this item grants you the maximum amount of Memory Berries, which are enhanced versions of Memory Lotus for higher level characters. You can also gain Memory Berries from the beasts that roam the northern corner of the Training Grounds, but be careful if you’re on a PvP server as anyone can and will compete with you for these resources.
Bug Fixes:
-The Quest Tracker will no longer flash if you accidently drag your mouse off the window while scrolling
-Male Dwarves no longer appear to have any sort of condition. Check out their new idle animation!
-Guild Base Map Fixed so it now more accurately resembles what you can see on the ground. Auto-routing within the guild base is now also more effective.
-Fixed a hole in the world on the Peak of Damnation
-Fixed an unreachable tin mine that was mocking players in Gloomy Forest
-Skills and Talents received several fixes, and all new effects, including:

[Elemental Talent] Blade of Reflection:
-Activates Blade of Reflection
-Reduces Evasion by 50%
-Time active reduced from 12s/15s to 10s/12s
-Cooldown increased from 90s to 120s.

[Elemental Talent] Counter Master:
-Reduces Counter damage increases from 20/40/60% to 10/20/30%.

[Elemental Talent] Thunder Storm:
-(Human Warrior) If the second hit of Thunder Slash is a Crit, the stun time of the target changes from 2s/4s to 1~2s / 3~4s.
-(Elf Warrior) If the first hit of Thunder Slash is a Critstrike, then stun time of the target changes from 2s/3s to 1~2s / 2~3s.

[Elemental Talent] Frenzy Outbreak:
-The Evasion reduction caused by Frenzy Stance is adjusted from 50/100% to 25/50%
-Defense reduction caused by Frenzy Stance is lowered by 25/50%.

[Phantom Talent] Thunder Struck:
-(Human Warrior) If the second hit of Thunder Slash is a Crit, then the silence time changes from3s/5s to 2s/4s.

[Aegis Talent] Combat Defense:
-Adds a new effect that increases Warriors Basic Defense by 1/2/3%.

Earth Rift:
-Area of Effect is adjusted from 10 meters to 7 meters
-Area of slow effect is adjusted from 50% to 40%
-Duration of slow effect is adjusted from 6s to 5s.

Retaliation Aura:
-Each Counter deals 5% of Protector Attack has been changed to deal 5% of target current HP.

[Marble Talent] Landslide:
-Increases the targets affected by Earth Rift from 1/2/3 to 2/4/6.

[Marble Talent] Schism:
-Improves the slow effect caused by Earth Rift from 2.5/5/7.5/10% to 3.5/7/10.5/14%,
-Increases the slow time from 0.5/1/1.5/2s to 0/1/2/3s.

[Marble Talent] Chaos Taunt:
-Added effect, Taunt will reduce Evasion by 15/30/45 points, lasting 8s.

[Diamond Talent] Code of Rift:
-Added effect, Earth Rift will increase Accuracy by 20/40/60 points.

[Diamond Talent] Sunder:
-Earth Rift has a 20/35/50% chance to stun the target for 1~3 seconds, the closer the target is to Protector, the longer the target will be stunned.

[Diamond Talent] Extension of Life:
-Added effect, increases Max HP by 200/400/600.

[Granite Talent] Nature Aura, Iceflame Aura, and Chaos Aura:
-Improves resistances from 45/60/75/90 to 45/70/95/120.

[Granite Talent] Precision of Light:
-Added effect, group members under Nature Aura, Iceflame Aura, and Chaos Aura get the effect: Precision of Light, gaining 11/16/21 points of Accuracy.

[Granite Talent] Light Barrier:
-Added effect, increases bonus Defense by 10/15/20.

Shadow Protection:
-The duration of Shadow Protection is reduced by 4s, the while Stealth of Shadow Protection is active, the character will not unstealth even if attacked or bleeding.

Deadly Chaser:
-Added effect, the target of Deadly Chaser will be stunned for 1 second. When using Deadly Chaser while invisible, the cooldown will be reduced by half.

Vicious Intention:
-Added effect, while Vicious Intention is active, accuracy is greatly increased greatly.
– Vicious Intention is now able to remove stun.

[Dark Talent] Swift Evasion:
-Increases Evasion from 135/150/165/180 to 150/180/210/240.

[Dark Talent] Swift Stalk:
-The Evasion improvement to Stealth is increased from 10% to 20% each stack.

[Dark Talent] Stealth Theory:
-Added effect, while in Stealth, the range of Blade of Hypnosis is increased by 4/8 meters.

[Dark Talent] Wind Speed:
-(Vampire Assassin) The cooldown reduction of Shadow of Gale is adjusted from 10/15s to 10/20s.

[Edge Talent] Mind Focus:
-(Vampire Assassin) the cooldown reduction of Deadly Chaser is changed from 2s to 3s each stack.
-After this talent reaches Lv3, the stun time of Deadly Chaser is increased from 1s to 3s directly.

[Edge Talent] Bull’s Eye:
-The stun time is adjusted from 1/2/3s to 0~1/1~2/2~3s.


[Dark Talent] Contract Aftermath:
-After using Dark Contract, has a 100% chance to add a 20/40/60/80 Evasion Improvement to the target, lasts for 3s.

[Blood Talent] Blood Feast:
-While in the Feast state, bonus HP recovery is changed from 0.5/1/1.5% to 2/4/6% every second.

[Blood Talent] Surging Blood:
-Increases Max HP and Max MP by 300/600, and provides a 2%/4% bonus to Max HP.

[Blood Talent] Batwing Shadow:
-After leaving bat form, you are immune to stun for 4/6s.

[Blood Talent] Blood Link:
-Added effect, during Invigoration, the attack of the target is increased by 8%/16%/24%/32%.

[Inferno Talent] Gale Wings:
-After leaving bat form, you retain 60% of the speed increase for 5/7/9s.


[Wind Talent] Windblade Shield:
-Reduces all damage by 1/2/3%.

[Wind Talent] Advanced Solo of Wind:
-Added effect: When casting Solo of Wind, you enter a guarded state and all damage is reduced by 2/4/6%.

[Wind Talent] Ferocity of Wind:
-Accuracy of nearby party members under the effect of Movement spells is increased from 6/12 to 15/25.

[Wind Talent] Sandstorm:
-The heal effect reduction of the target is adjusted from 10/20% to 15/30%.

[Wind Talent] Wind Resist:
-The resistance bonus is increased from 10 points to 15 points each level.

[Water Talent] Split Flow:
-The resistance bonus is increased from 10 points to 15 points each level.

[Water Talent] Sonata of Water:
-Added effect, while under Water protection, immune to stun.

[Light Talent] Halo Resist:
-The resistance bonus is increased from 10 points to 15 points each level.

[Light Talent] Light of Life:
-Added effect, Sonata of Life has a 5/10/15% chance to remove targets Slow, Ensnare and Stun effect.

Accuracy Guidance:
-Increases group members accuracy by 1/2 of Marksmans Accuracy minus the members Accuracy. If the subtracted amount is lower than 16, then group members accuracy will be increased by 16. If Marksmans accuracy is more than double the group members accuracy, then the group members accuracy is doubled. Lasts for 10 minutes.
-The effect of Accuracy Guidance no longer disappears when you go offline.

Hunter Mark: Hunters Mark has a new graphical effect.

[Soul Talent] Professional Hunter:
-The range improvement of Hunters Mark is increased from 2/4/6 to 3/6/9.

[Precision Talent] Contact:
-Increases Crit Chance by 1/1.5/2%.

[Burst Talent] Motivate:
-The cost reduction of Accuracy Guidance is increased from 10/20/30% to 20/40/60%.
-Added effect, the duration of Accuracy Guidance is increased by 5/10/15 minutes.

[Soul Talent] Art of Reloading:
-The cooldown reduction of Quick Reloading is changed from 6/12/18/24/30s to 3/6/9/12/15s.

[Soul Talent] Soul Concentration:
-Added effect, reduces cooldown of Quick Reloading by 3/7/11/15s.

[Burst Talent] Rake of Fury:
-Attack Range is changed from 120 degrees to 90 degrees
-The damage is modified from 100% to 80%, increasing to 110% during Crack Shot Time
-Has a 100% chance to generate a burn effect within 8 meters, has a 50% chance to generate a burn effect past 8 meters
-When Crack Shot Time is activated, the burn effect deals 10% Fire Mastery bonus damage.
-The burn effect can stack and has a diminished bonus effect with every stack.

[Burst Talent] Scorching Heat:
-The basic burn effect improvement is changed to 25/50/75%, increasing by another 25/50/75% when Crack Shot Time is active
-Added effect: During Crack Shot Time, the duration of burn effects are increased by 1/2/3s
-Burn damage is increased by 5/10/15% of Fire Mastery.

[Burst Talent] Soul Burn:
-Burn damage is increased to 75/150 plus 10% of Fire Mastery.
-Duration is changed to 8s.

[Burst Talent] Flammable:
-The explosion effect caused by Weakening Cloud is increased by 500 points, and the explosion drains Mana equal to the damage done.

[Burst Talent] Backup Fire:
-While Quick Reloading is active, the cooldowns of Penetrating Shot and Rake of Fury are reduced by 50/100%
-Mana cost is increased by 50/100%.
-Penetrating Shot and Rake of Fury cost one more bullet to recover Marksmans HP by 5/10%,
-Each cast will cause Quick Reloading to enter a 90s cooldown.

Ice Barrier: With Glacier Barrier active, the Mage is immune to all damage.

Magic Meditation: Increase Fire, Water and Wind Masteries for 15s. Each level of the skill grants 20 more mastery.

Sinister Protection: Cooldown is increased to 15s.

[Lightning Talent] Soul Contract:
-The duration of Sinister Protection is increased to 10/20s.

[Lightning Talent] Energy of Protection:
-Sinister Protection costs 1.7/1.4/1 MP to block 1 point of damage.

[Lightning Talent] Sinister Force:
-Mana loss effect is removed
-Mana Explosion effect is not changed
-Area of effect is reduced by 3 meters.
-20s after Mana Explosion, every attack to the Mage will cause Mana loss, equal to 1% of Mages Max Mana.

[Lightning Talent] Static Field:
-Casting Sinister Force activates Exhaustion Aura, targets in range have 40/70/100% chance to be Paralyzed every 4s.

[Lightning Talent] Sinister Constriction:
-Mana loss caused by Sinister Force is increased to 50/100/150/200%, if targets Mana is below 20%, the target will be silenced for 1/2/3/4s.
-With 4 points in this talent, the Mage will gain equivalent Mana up to 20 times during Mana Reflection.

[Lightning Talent] Advanced Paralyze:
-Added effect, Evasion reduction caused by Paralyze is improved by 50/100%.

[Fire Talent] Fire Shield:
-Improves Fire Resistance and Physical Resistance by 30/45.
-Added effect, Increases Mages Crit Chance by 3/5%.

[Frost Talent] Ice Shield:
-Improves Ice Resistance and Physical Resistance by 30/45, increases Defense by 50/80.
-Added effect, reduces all damage to Mage by 3/5%.

[Frost Talent] Extremity Dimension:
-Recovers 1/2/3/4% HP every second.
-Added effect, the duration of Glacier Barrier is increased by 1.5/3/4.5/6s.

[Frost Talent] Drake Skin:
-Gain a shield when using Sinister Protection, lasting for 1/2/3s, absorbing 100% damage; the max damage absorbed is equal to 20/40/60% of the Mages Mana.


Damnation: Reduces targets masteries.

[Rebel Talent] Godly Might:
-(Human Priest) the Crit Chance reduction caused by Damnation is increased from 1/2/3% to 2/3/4%.
-(Human Priest) Added effect, Damnation reduces targets Evasion by 10/20/30.
-(Elf Priest) Added effect, Damnation reduces targets Evasion by 20/30/40.

[Divine Talent] Gods Gift:
-The target of Light of Sanctuary gets a 25/50% heal effect improvement for the next 10/20s.

source: FW Forum

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