Taming: A Healthy Diet

When you reach lvl 35 you will get an addition to your daily quest repertoire. It’s called Taming: A Healthy Diet. Now I’m not sure how healthy this diet is, because it is pretty much about stuffing your Pet with Yummy Sweet Bread until it chokes, then give him some Water or some Berry occasionally, and continue stuffing till he swallows all 25 of that Yummy Sweet Breads. Well, if you have Tamer as a job, it will give your Pet a healthy dose of XP, and some for you too, so you should do it anyway.

Here’s the how to guide:

Pick up the quest from Wind Dancer (Tamer Tutor) in Alameda Park. By starting the quest you will receive the following:

Yummy Sweet Bread

Empty Flask

Empty Plate

Your objective: force all the breads down your Pet’s throat. Ehmmm….. I mean, raise your Pet’s delight by giving him yummy sweetness. One bread will raise the delight by one. To help the process you have an Empty Flask for water and an Empty Plate for berry. These will be given to your Pet when he had enough of the Bread. First you need to fill your plate with Berry.

Important: the quest has a 15 minutes time limit so once you accepted it, get to work right away.

From Wind Dancer go to the North, between the big blue tree and the tower and you will find two Berry Bushes. Grab some and fill your plate.

The way to the Berry Bushes

From here you need to head for water. There is one place to get water to fill your flask. Head towards Magic Fountain and pass it on the left side where Jessica stands.

Head towards the Eccentric Mage

You will see the Eccentric Mage standing near the wall in front of you. Pass by him on that ledge (don’t go down the stairs on the left. You can only get to the water from above). When you get to the end of that ledge you will see a smaller fountain in front of you. Simply jump in it and you are ready to start the feeding process.

Now, I forgot to mention this, the first time I wrote this guide, but “TheTank” was kind enough to point it out in the comments, that there is an option to change Water to Wine at Michell the cook.

So a good tactic would be to first fill your Empty Flask at the fountain then go to Michell to change it to Creekbank Valley Great Wine. This Wine can substitute a Berry when your Pet got tummy ache so it saves a trip back to the Berry Bushes.

Michell needs 1 minute to finish the Water to Wine magic trick, so just give the Water to him and head back to the fountain for and do the quest as follows:

You obviously have to have your pet summoned for this, so if you didn’t do it already, do it now.

Start with the Sweet Bread. Right click on it and you will be happy to see that your Pet wolfed it down like a Rottweiler. Congratulation… you raised your Pet’s delight by 1. Only 24 more to go, so keep feeding.

The first 2 or 3 Sweet Bread should go down with ease (could be less or more), but after that your Pet will start Choking or have a Tummy Ache. Now, because Pets can’t talk, he cannot tell you which one is it, so you always have to assume it’s the Choking first.  But to make it obvious, there will be a small icon in the upper right corner of your screen. It will indicate the state of your Pet.

And we all know the ancient remedy for choking…. yes, water.

Right click on the Empty Flask in your inventory to fill it with water. After that right click it again to help your Pet’s choking. Now the choking is gone and your Pet is ready for more Sweet Bread. Continue this process until you get to the point where water doesn’t help anymore. This is the time for Tummy Ache remedy. Yes, you guessed it right… the remedy is the Berry on your plate which you collected earlier in Alameda Park. Give the Berry to your pet and you can go back to the Sweet Bread – Water cycle.

Sooner or later you will get to the point when another acute Tummy Ache will overcome your Pet. But this time you are out of Berry. If you ordered some Wine from Michell at the beginning, now is the time to pick it up and use it. It will not only cure your Pet but will raise its Delight by +1 so not a bad Wine.

If you didn’t do the Water to Wine exchange before you started the feeding, you can do it now, but since it will take 1 minute for Michell to do the Wine you might as well go back for the Berry Bushes cause it will be about the same time. The getting more Berry also applies if you don’t like Michell and don’t want to deal with him more than it’s necessary. If you need to go back to Alameda Park for some more Berry, just remember, no time for stopping at the main square to by some new clothes or whatever on your way back, because to clock is ticking and you have to finish the quest.When you get to the Berry Bushes, fill your Empty Plate with Berry and give it to your Pet right away. Now before you go back to the fountain, fill your plate again, so you will have another Tummy Ache remedy at hand when needed.

After this it’s time to go back to the fountain and back to business as usual. Sweet Bread – Water –     Sweet Bread – Water – Sweet Bread – here’s some Berry…. good boy – Sweet Bread – Water and so on. The Tummy Ache usually happens twice during the quest so two medicines (Berry, Wine) should be enough but if you choose to go back for Berries instead of the Wine option, you will end up with three remedies (1 at the start and two when you go back) so this will secure the situation even if a third Tummy Ache happens. Try the two options and do the quest in a way that better suits you.

Once all the Sweet Bread is down and your Pet’s delight is at 25, jump out of the fountain and auto route back to Wind Dancer. Complete the quest and you’re done.

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