Warrior Intro Guide

Hello this guide is to help you better understand the warrior. The warrior can have the most health out of all the classes. They can be a tank and a nuker. As well as have speed or dps on their side. I am going to tell you about the three talent trees for your combat strengths and weaknesses are based off these.

There is the Aegis tree, which is the tank tree. You necessarily don’t have to have this tree to tank since you have a stance called combat stance. This boosts your defense so that u can tank. But if you want to be a better tank then you would use the aegis tree. Sense it boosts your buffs skills and your defense. So this is perfect for tanking. If u don’t have a protector in the group which turns out to be more often than you think. This tree is good for dungeons and pve. Also a little bit pvp.

The Elemental tree is what I call the speed tree. For it cuts the cool down times of your moves. It is perfect for pve and is said to do the most damage. But i disagree with that for i will tell u why later. Not only does this tree cut ur cooldown times but it boosts your elemental abilities such as lightning swing. It does increase your damage. But as i said i will tell you why soon. This tree is decent for pvp but you will have a hard time killing the protector with this tree.

The Phantom (Bloodlust) tree I say is the best tree out of them all. I say it is the nuker tree that’s right the nuker tree. It is the tree that does the most damage. This tree is for pvp, for it purely focuses on damage and bleeding effects. It is the tree that does the most damage because if you have the right gear. You will do the most damage, my criticals consist of 5k damage. However if you don’t get the right gear. Which means having gear that’s in your lvl range.  I would go Elemental cause then u don’t have to worry about that. But you easily will do the most damage if u get the gear.

Anyway I hope this guide has helped you in your decisions and will better you in your adventures. Let you always conquer your opponents with devastating fury.

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