Young Man In a Tree

I had this daily quest as a World Luck quest today. I had to finish it 5 times, so I was able to experiment with it a little. I only did this quest for once or twice before, wasn’t really paying attention to it, but now I want to share my tip on how to get it done.

You receive the quest from Fistli in Gloomy Forest. She rescued a young man from her sisters and hid him on the tree. She will ask you to check on him.

When you start you will be teleported onto a wide branch. You will see traps (similar to the once in Creekbank Valley) in front of you. On the other side of the traps you will see Gatt, the young men. You need to go across while avoiding the traps. They drop systematically in two rows in front of you and they go off shortly after appearing. When they went off for at least once, a new set of traps will appear, and the cycle repeats.

They go off either once, twice or trice before the next set appears. Your best chance of crossing is when you wait for a full set of traps to drop. It means 2 x 6 traps in front of you (see picture below). In this case the traps usually go off twice. So you need to get up close, wait for the second burst, and run to the other side. You can get pretty close before you start, just don’t get between the first two traps or you will be caught and thrown from the tree. Use your mount and/or speed skill to move faster.

Sometimes they will go of three times instead of two. In this case say something “nice” that will express your frustration, talk to Fistli, and do it again.

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