How To Get Your First Mount and More…

Here you will not only learn how to get your first mount in Forsaken World but will also get familiar with all the other options to obtain better means of transportation and show of creatures.

Getting your fist mount is easier than you thought. Free mounts are available for new players to help them in traveling and questing and you should take advantage of these offers.

The lowest lvl to get a free (temporary) mount is 20. Click “H” on your keyboard and select Favor at the bottom.

From here you can get two free temporary mounts. One at lvl 20 and one at lvl 50 (racial mount).

As I said, these are mounts in Forsaken World. Cherries them while they last. Yes, unfortunately they have a timer and they only last for  7 days. When these times are up, you need to look for other solutions.

Are there permanent mounts in game?

Sure there are, and your goal is to get one of those sooner or later. For this you have plenty of options.

Cash Shop Mounts

The most convenient choice, if you got a little cash to spare.  The first one, Abyss Raider, is available at lvl 10 so this makes it the first accessible mount to any class. Although, you should really fly through the first 20 levels, so this is not really that much of an advantage.

The rest of the cash shop mounts are available at lvl 20. There are general mounts (available for all classes) and race specific mounts. Click “J” on your keyboard or the leaf icon in the upper right to check them out in the Eyrda Boutique.

Cash shop mounts are tradable in the AH so you can get them from there too.

Reputation Mounts

A little more effort is required to get one of these, but in exchange you don’t need to spend real money or leafs on them. Reputation mounts can be bought from you Rep. Agent.

–        Basic Mount: Required reputation is Rank 4. You will also need 30 Soul Gold to get this mount. It is an Abyss Capricorn mount with 135% speed. But it is cheap and permanent. This mount is available at lvl 30.

–        Advanced Mount : Required reputation is Rank 7. Needed money is 3 diamond Gold Coin. These are lvl 50 mounts (150% speed), that are quite similar to the racial mounts available in the cash shop. Similar but usually not that flashy, although it doesn’t mean they can’t look better, like the Elf racial Unicorn, in my opinion. So better mounts than the basic ones but a little pricey in terms of in game money.

 Guild Base Mounts

Obviously you need to be a member of a guild with a base to take advantage of these. Two options here:

–        Raptorex Mount at lvl 30 with 135% speed. Costs 20 Gold Coins and requires 50 guild merit.

–        Startooth Dragon at lvl 50 with 150% speed. Costs 2 dia 70 gold (Gold Coins also) and requires 500 guild merit.

Special Mounts

While the first three types of mount groups are pretty much available for anybody with a little money or effort to spend, there are some special mounts that requires some real labor to obtain.  Mounts like the Book of Niachilo from Vanessa (master Rep mount, needs rank 7 and 30,000 mentor points) or the Arena mounts, cannot be simply bought (not with real cash or in game money) but need some serious effort to obtain.

I can also mention the “chance” mounts here. Although these are cash shop mounts but they are distributed in a lottery fashion, so you really need to wear you lucky t-shirt when you open one.

To know about Flying mounts read this Flying mounts guide.

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