Mastery and Resistance Training

In Forsaken World there are two special attribute for each character. These are Mastery and Resistance. (you can check them in your character window by pressing ‘C’ on the keyboard or clicking the little hat thingy in the upper right, then selecting the ‘Mastery & Resistance’ option under your basic attributes.)

There are 7 different types of mastery and resistance. These are:

  1. Physical
  2. Earth
  3. Water
  4. Fire
  5. Wind
  6. Light
  7. Dark

Yes, these are the same elements that can be found in God’s Trial, represented by the six pillars, plus Physical. Actually, only four of these can be viewed as classical elements by esoteric or occult standards, namely Earth, Water, Fire, “Air”, but I will refer to all of them as elements from now on, and won’t get into a lecture in ceremonial magick if you guys don’t mind 😉

The higher your Mastery in a certain element, the higher your outgoing additional damage will be when using skills that correspond to that element. For example: if you’re a Vampire and use Vampire’s Sigil, the higher your Dark Mastery is, the higher your damage dealt with this skill will be.

The higher your Resistance in a certain element, the lower your damage intake will be when facing opponent using skills that correspond to that particular element. Sticking to the above example: if you are facing a Vampire in battle and he/she uses Vampire’s Sigil on you, the higher your Dark Resistance, the lower additional damage you will take.

For each class a couple of the Masteries always have outmost importance. These are the ones that relates to elements which determines your skills’ additional damage type. So Using a Warrior example this time: for my Elemental Warrior the two additional skill damage types are Physical and Wind.

Training your Mastery and Resistance

You can train your Mastery and Resistance at your Skill Trainer. Before you can do this you need to complete two quests in Arena of Soul (not the instance).

These two challenges are given by Celladius the Blademaster. You find him on top of Arena of Soul, a little right from the entrance.

In the first challenge you will be teleported into the Arena and have to defeat Celladius in 5 minutes. There will be a pillar in there that will turn into your needed element to help in the battle. Lure him to the pillar, use pots as needed and take care of business.

In the second challenge you will find yourself in the Arena with Celladius once again. Only this time there will be seven pillars. Celladius will attack you in every 15 seconds. Before each attack he will tell you what to do. “Defend yourself against my ….. attack”. You need to go to the same pillar as the attack, before it happens, or you will be taking great damage and will die in two attacks. So if he says “Defend yourself against my Wind attack” then quickly get to the Wind pillar and wait for the attack. After this another attack will come, and another, and so on. You need to survive 25 attacks. Use your mount for faster movement. If you die you need to wait 5 minutes before trying again. Don’t forget to bring Health Pots and use them.

Once you are done with the two challenges Celladius will send you to your Skill Trainer. Your quest objective will be to raise any Masteries or Resistance to Lv5.

Go to you Skill Trainer. You will see a Mastery and Resistance Training option at the top of the chat window.

When you click on it something like this will come up:


First are the Masteries. Training it will cost you Gold Coin and Vigor. The higher the Lv the higher the Gold cost will be. Each level will give you +4 Mastery.

  • Lv1: +4 Mastery, cost: 1 Gold Coin
  • Lv2: +8 Mastery, cost: 2 Gold Coin
  • Lv3: +12 Mastery, cost: 3 Gold Coin
  • Lv4: +16 Mastery, cost: 4 Gold Coin
  • Lv5: +20 Mastery, cost: 5 Gold Coin

Click on the one you want to train. Usually have two choices for most classes but Bards for example have three (Wind, Water, Light). After you have picked one click train to raise it by one level. Do this 5 times and you just raised one of your Masteries to Lv5 while spending 15 Gold Coins during the process. Actually the reward for this quest is 15 Gold so you get your money back for now, but after this every Mastery training will cost you gold out of your pocket and the price will only keep increasing.


Resistance works pretty much the same, only difference is you have 7 choices from the start and the cost is lower. It’s only 60 Silver increase by Lv and 5 Vigor per Lv.

Well, I said only 60 Silvers but you will still spend 9 Gold to raise one to level 5. And you have seven of them so yes, training Mastery and Resistance is quite expensive so make sure you make plenty of Gold if you truly want to master your Masteries and resist your enemies.

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