1 to 10-The Lower Levels, a leveling guide for first-timers

Step one – Creating Your Legend

Starting a whole new MMORPG is a big thing. Well you are first going to create a new character. Customize him/her the way you want, there are almost endless possibilities. You will then create a name and enter your birthdate (only the month/day is required). After that you choose a realm in the top-right corner. I would recommend when leveling by yourself use the realms with less people (the ones that say “common” next to them). Congratulations! You made a character!

Step two – First step into the world

I made a human warrior, it was the first choice. I am not saying I prefer this race/class combination more than others, it is just for example. Now the first thing you should see after the cut scene is this:

Now what you want to do is read over the letter from FW staff. Click “done”. Now you want to pray, by clicking this:

The celestial sign will always be changing. When you are able to pray, the lights around the sign will flash and dance around it. You will then get items and gear the first couple of prayers. You will press “B” or click the “Bag” icon up here

Now that you did that, right click the gear you gained through prayer. You can also get gear from other quests too, so if it is better than your other gear, do the same procedure over again.

Step 3 – Starting to level

After You Equip your gear, you will obtain a weapon quest. I like to auto-route to all my quests to make them easier. So when you finish that, you will get more “yellow quests” which are chain quests, also known as main quests. Once you finish a couple of those (3-5) quests, go on to killing all of the enemies that are your level (should be around 5) or at most 2 levels higher than yours.

You see here what I am hovering over is your soulforce skill. Under your mana bar in the upper-left corner of the screen, you see a green bar. That is your soulforce meter. When it reaches 100% you can use that soulforce for this soulforce ability on the bottom left of the skill bar. This is a screenshot of

What your soulforce ability will look like, if you are a human. The soulforce skill varies by what race you are. All of the soulforce abilities are learned by a soulforce stone, which you can upgrade at higher levels. Once you reach level 7, you should go back to doing your main quests. If you finish all of them and you are not level 10 yet, go back to your starting point and do “green quests”, which are side quests that are my last resort to quick leveling when higher (levels 8-9).

Step 4 – Moving on to Freedom Harbor

Now that you are level ten, you should be going on a quest to Freedom Harbor, also called “FH” in world chat (which you will be using when you are over level 18-20). So after you are done reading this you should be ready to move on to the next guide, which I will be coming out with soon.

Thank you for reading this guide, good day and happy leveling!

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