Beginners Marksman Talent Tree guide

Are you a stumped little dwarf who’s trying to figure out what talent tree to go with? Well fear not because i will help you decide by giving you as much details as i can about all 3 trees.

The cool thing about the marksman trees is that each one is unique and simple to use but the downside is that doing a hybrid build before level 60 will only hurt you in the long run so you will have to stick to one tree and one tree only until then.

The first talent tree is Precision; this is the main kiting tree and will work perfectly for those early game pvp (Player vs Player) addicts and people who wish to take as little damage as possible. The way i see it this tree is a mix PVP/PVE (Player vs Environment) build but it’s down side is it doesn’t have many aoe (Area of Effect) skills to help with instances.

This build is great for kiting because of the knockback skill you get called ‘Aimed Shot’ this skill also does DOT (Damage Over Time) which reduced the targets health by 20-50 per 10 seconds, this really isn’t much though compared to all the damage you do with skills like Mind Flaying bullet. Alongside ‘Soul Snipe’ the knock backs you do will stop most mobs from even hitting you.

Now usually the ‘Hunter Mark’ Only reduces evasion and resistances but when you go into the Precision tree you can make it reduce a targets defence as well. Not only can it do that it can reduce their resistance even more than it usually does. That is what makes this build great for pvp and group battles because it makes targets go down faster.

I must warn you not to use this tree till level 55+

People sum this tree up as an “Infantine source of soul bullets” which is rightfully so because you get skills like ‘Soul Discharge’ which generates 1 soul bullet per use and it doesn’t cost any soul bullets to use. Quick reload gets a cool down reduction which means you can get more soul bullets during a fight at the cost of being unable to attack or move for 1 second. Your Wakening cloud is significantly stronger than it would be in the other 2 talent trees and it also reduces accuracy of all those it effects, this makes it one of the more powerful trees for debuffs, this is insanely good for group vs group battle since i makes the other team unable to hit you for 11 seconds. This tree gives you a longer fast action boost which removes slows and snares so you now have 2 skills to get out of slows.

Crit damage and chances get a huge increase in this tree but this requires a high base attack to be effective and this is why you need to be 55+ to use this, another down side of this tree is that Mind Flaying bullet has a longer cool down than it does in precision tree but an effective way to deal damage equivalent to Mind Flaying Bullet is to have good crit gear.

Soul is the ultimate late game pvp talent since it out damages precision if you have the right gear but it drains the most amount of mana. Fortunately the unstoppable crit damage makes this a good pure damage tree.

I refer this tree as the Pure PVE (Player vs Environment) Talent spec because it is the only tree that has AOE (Area of Effect) skills which makes this amazing for taking on groups of mobs. Instance groups will prefer Burst Marksman to help keep cc (Crowd Control) so if you’re a person who doesn’t want to pvp and only level then this is the tree for you.

This tree is the main cause for people thinking the Marksman sucks a PVP which is untrue because Burst can’t fight other players as well as Precision and Soul can.

This is how i see things. If your under 55 which you should be if you’re reading this! Don’t go to soul. You will be a complete laughing stock and you will fail because you don’t have the attack power.

You should go to either Precision or Burst.

If you’re on a PVE server and you don’t pvp go to Burst

If you’re on a PVP server and you love to PK (Player kill) and pvp then got to Precision.

I hope you found this usefull because this was a pain to type. Keep and eye out for the Advanced tutorial which will go into more detail about hybrid builds and the soul tree after level 60.

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