The Wonders of the Elf Priest Leveling From 1 to 10


The priest is a very important class in every game, not only does the priest heals, but it can also increase yours and others usual abilities. Now by choosing the priest you have the choices of being a Human race or an Elf race, we will explain the Elves, and how to level from one to ten.


Now, after creating your character you being in a lovely place called the Osloh Village, and quickly two things pop out. One will be your very first quest, and the other will be your welcoming from Forsaken World. If you look up at the top of your screen, there will be a thick, yellow arrow pointing at a circle that is shining. That is a Zodiac sign for praying, every time it glows, you gain experience, and sometimes gifts. Click it, and you will see a Birth Prayer box appear. You will gain a memento box, and 3 pieces of gear, click “take all”, and they will appear in your bag/inventory. You can wear them by opening your bag/inventory, by click the “b” button on your keyboard. Right-click your gear, and your character will wear it. As for your memento box, every five level you can right-click it and get gifts. Returning back to the quest opened up for you, it gives you a dialog, and then you’ll see an arrow and next to it is says “Visit Elder Wisestorm”, you click that. Your Zodiac sign will shine again, and this time it will give you a “Basic Elf Root”, that is your soulforce, right-click it and you’ll automatically have it on your action bar at the bottom of your screen.


In Forsaken World, for any race and class, quests are crucial; they are the main things that are leveling you quickly. Now, if you haven’t moved from your spot, straight in front of you, not far, will be a man named “Elder Wisestorm”, he will have a yellow question mark above his name. Now does he ring any bells to you? He is the man you were assigned to visit. To talk to him, you will need to double-click him, and a page will open. Now, instead of clicking the arrow button saying “See you”, you click the one with a yellow question mark. The Elder will speak to you, and will tell you he needs something for you to do. Click “Anything to help our people”. You will gain a weapon in your bag; equip it once you finish talking with the Elder. Now you click “Goddess’ Crystal”, and then “I’ll go right away”. This is your very first quest.

I’m not sure about you, but if I were to see anyone with quests above their heads (Exclamations marks over their head means quests, question marks means you need to hand in a quest to them) I’d take it, so when I go out and do what I’ve been asked to do, I’ll do all of them, and return with a lot of quests to hand in, instead of going out and the back in, and then back out and then back in. But it’s your choice. But we’ll go with my idea for now, but you may ignore it if you wish to. Next to the Elder will be a man with an exclamation mark over his head, meaning he has a quest for you, doing the same as you did with the elder, you double-click him, click “Water of life” and so forth. Now you have two quests. You’ll notice there is something new on your screen, a box labeled as “Quests” and next to it, the number of quests out of twenty. Right under that are your quests, if you place your mouse on one of them, quest details will appear. Let begin shall we.

Quest Number One

The first quest shown is, Water of Life. Place you mouse over it to reveal the detail, then move your mouse over to the detail page, you will noticed you can click the words in green. You will see the quest-receiver’s name, and the item you will need to achieve to finish this quest. Click on “stump”, and automatically, your character will move to the given spot. You should have stopped at the location 85 54, -33 -53, which you can see right next to your mini map at the right bottom right corner, next to it should be a chat bubble with your location. You should be in the Sorrow Jungle too, in front of you should be a lever going upward toward the bottom of a cut of tree. Get up on lever to the top of it, and keep moving straight and stop when you’re just passing the middle of it. Open your bad and right-click “Water of Life” to use it. You have finished your first quest, now you have the choice, of going over your quest with your mouse and click the quest-receiver’s name, and return the quest to finish it, or move on to quest number two.

Quest Number Two

The next quest is from the Elder, and you will return it to Priestess Skydance, you know this, because when you go over the quest with your mouse, you see her name in green, you also see the item you need to gain in green, which is branches. Click branches and once again your character walks there automatically. You will stop, still in the village, at the location 87 0, -31 -33. Next to your character, will be this pool like place, and a light ray shinning in the middle of it, move your character (W,S,A,D or use the mouse) into the pool-like place and toward the light. You will be teleported, in front of you to the side on the building you stand in, will be branches, and they give off a shine. Any object in the game that gives of a shine, like the branches, means you have a quest and that you need them. When you move your mouse to the branches, you see your mouse change into a picking-up hand. Click once on the branch, and you will have it in your bag. The quest required two branches, so click again. Once you have two, your quest is done and should be green, jump down; you will not lose health if you do so. Once down, click Priestess Skydance from your quest.

Quest Number Three

You are once again in Sorrow Jungle, talking with the Priestess Skydance, take her quest in killing talking trees to get five Venomous Treant. You have three skills and one soulforce. One of your skills is your normal attack when you double click a monster. Your second one is Divine Strike, and if you notice when you’re going over the skills it explains what it does. Your third skill is healing, though, when healing someone, make sure to click them, because if you haven’t click them you will heal yourself and not them. Now all you have to do is kill five walking trees. As for you soulforce though, it’s best used when there are a lot of monsters in one place, you’ll see why when you use it, oh and make sure to click a monster before using it. After killing five, you will level. Congratulation, now you are level two, return to Priestess Skydance to hand in the quest. You will gain a new skill; drag it into your skill bar. In your inventory, you should have a new robe for you character, right-click it to equip. There should be a book in your inventory as well, use that too, if there are two, uses them both. Your prayer should shine once more, and you will level again once you finish praying. You are level three now.

Quest Number Four

Once you accept the next quest from Priestess Skydance, go to Moonvine, as the quest shows in green. Take Moonvine’s quest, and click pendent in the quest detail page. It will take you to, 83 23, -30, -35, where you see no pendent. What you have to do is kill Dire Treants, to gain both Amulet and pendent, keep killing them until you get them both. Once you got them both, return to Moonvine to give it to her, and get your experience. You will level once again, to level four; she will give you another quest. For the quest Fetch the Crystal you will need to go to a statue, which you can auto-walk there by clicking statue in the quest detail. You will stop at 83 31, -30 -15, you will stand in front of a half tree, half winged statue. Double click the statue. Return back to Moonvine, and open your bag, you should have new pants, equip it. Hand in the quest, next you will have to return to your village, back to the Elder.

Quest Number Five

Talk to the Elder, and get your new quest. This time you need red berries, once again click red berries in green. Like I mentioned before, any object the gives off shine are objects you need, just like the berries. Double click a patch of berried, and you’ll gain one berry, you need five, so four more to get. The berries will stop shining once you’ve gotten five, next you’ll need to auto-walk to Unicorn Queen, Caestrian. Give her the berries and get your quest from her. You need to find clues, so click clues, and you will go to two large animal prints, they will shine to, double click them and return to Caestrain. You will level to level five; once you do, open the box in your bag, then click “c” to open your character, right next to where your boot are, to the left, right-click your soulforce, then open your bag and right-click the silver, white gem, then right click your soulforce. What that did, is it upgraded your soulforce. Now on to your next quest.

Quest Number Six

Find the Crystal, this is a little tricky quest you’ll have to read it to understand it, kill a few Giant Alligators to get meat from them. It won’t drop every kill so you have to kill a few times. Once you get it, pick it up, and go over your quest again, there should be in green, word “island” click that. Once on the island, talk to the lady with a quest for you, and accept it. Next, move near the end of the island and right click the meat in your bag. Be warned though, once you do, a Storm Lizard will appear and attack you, what you need to do is kill it. You finished one quest, next is to finish the quest the lady on the island asked for. Click on “statue” from the quest detail. It will take you to 90 20, -35 -18, just move a bit into the water so you’d have to swim, and go to the bottom of the water. There you’ll see a statue open your bag and right-click the Clockwork item. And you’re done that quest too. Hand in both, and then go back to the Elder. Accept the quest, and you gain a new title and level, click the title, and set it over your head if you wish to do so.

Quest Number Seven

Getting the quest “The Elven Emissary” you must talk to Ryolas and accept his quest. Then you need to talk to Reeves, and he will take you on a ride to a new place. Once there you need to talk to Colonel Feldspan and hand in the quest and take his quests, he will be giving you two. You will level to level seven then, and you need to kill Crackshot pirates. Only one. It will take awhile and you will need to heal so beware. Next you need to kill Vile Centaurs. Ten of them. After killing any kind of centaurs, return to Colonel Feldspan. You will level once more, to level eight. Next you need to kill the commander of the centaurs, be careful, he’s strong. After reaching to the commander and killing him, you must plant a bomb at their cart, reaching there too, right-click the bomb in your inventory and return to Colonel Feldspan. Open your bag again to wear your new boots and belt. You will get milk and cheese in your bag, and right-click one of them to eat. Now you need to go to Grand Rift, to your next mission. You will reach a cliff, jump down. Talk to Barrend. Once talking to him, you will level and get two new quests. First one, talks to Werner, then return to Barrend. Kill Wyveren Knights, 8 of them. Once you finish return to Barrend.

Quest Number Eight

Now you need to kill Storm Wyveren, a very big dragon in the middle of Grand Rift. When attacking him open your bag and right-click “Barrend’s Grenade”, and then finish him off. Return to Barrend and hand in the quest. Lastly you finally level to level ten, take his quest and you get teleported out of the Rift, talk to Roylas. Say that you are “ready” and “let’s go”. And you will board the ship to Freedom Harbor, where you are no longer a beginner, and you begin your story from here on. You are now a brave traveler.

I believe Priests are one of the finest classes there is, if you were to face a stronger foe you can still win because of your healing, they are very much needed in instances/raids, and they have a big duty upon them that they must take into account. Simply do the quests, do the instances, makes friends, have fun, and enjoy the game. All this shouldn’t take long, levelling to level ten, only an hour or so. Work hard and good luck.


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