Forsaken World – Storm of War Teaser

PWE just announced Forsaken World’s new update called the Storm of War. No details had been given out yet, just a simple announcement, so let me give you a preview what you should be expecting.

Guild Wars

The new update will most likely introduce Guild PvP. It looks like there will be a scheduled time for guild wars, when guilds that are up to the challenge, can battle it out for rewards, in three different groups:

  • 30 vs 30
  • 60 vs 60
  • 100 vs 100

Guild war registration announcements will appear on Tuesdays and guild leaders can apply for the tournament on the following days. There will be 3 leaderboards where guilds will be ranked according to the faith points they received as rewards for the wars. Faith points are associated with 3 Gods and guild bases will receive “God Status” (or something like that) and one guild can only be ranked on one board.  All wars will end sometime Saturday evening and guilds will receive gold rewards for their effort. Registration will cost Gold Coins but it can be quite rewarding for the victors.

The action will happen on a dedicated map. There will be 8 crystals on the map which guilds need to capture, by standing next to it for some time, in order to win the war.

New 75+ Instance

The PvE aspect of the expansion will be a new gear instance. This is said to be the hardest instance yet (Forgotten Prison is going down) but the most rewarding one also. You can exchange the rewards here for pieces of gear from 5 pieces of purple sets for all classes.  The instance has 5 areas and 5 bosses and if you can’t finish Forgotten Prison you probably won’t have a chance in this one.

For more details on the update you will have to capture crabclaw and torture him with Justin Bieber’s greatest hits (unless he likes it) or something else, to try and squeeze some info out of him.

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