Nightmare Soul Catching

To catch a Nightmare Pet in Forsaken World you have to meet 3 main criteria.

  1. Be Lv 40+ to enter Lunagrant Woodland
  2. Have Tamer as a job with Advanced Soul Catching skill equipped
  3. Be on the right spot at the right time

That’s all there is to it.  Well, I can’t really let you figure out the rest so let see some more details.

What is the Nightmare Soul?

The Nightmare Soul is a ‘wandering’ soul. There are four of these kinds of tamable souls known in the game so far. Nightmare, Griffin, Selarion and Aldala.

The Nightmare Soul is a rare lv 40 mob in Lunagrant Woodland. It is tamable as indicated by the little lasso icon under its avatar.

Do not confuse it with regular souls which drop from killing mobs. It spawns on its own and you can’t get it by killing regular Nightmares, so stop the massacre. Other than that it actually looks like a regular soul as you can see:

When you have the above requirements and also have some spendable energy points, it’s time to head for the spawning area.

Where and when to find it?

It spawns in the area indicated by red. Only one Nightmare Soul spawns on each realm at a time. After spawning it will start walking around in an oval route. Once it’s caught it won’t respawn for the next 4 hours. There are 3-4 spawning spots in the marked are and it looks like it tends to spawn in one randomly.

I cannot give you exact time for spawning because it actually depends on the time it was killed (caught) last, and it goes for each realm separately. So if it was caught at 11:09 on realm 5, it will respawn on that same realm at about 3:09 in the afternoon. Other realms can have different times depending on when it was caught last.

I assume they all spawn (every realm) at the same time after Wednesday maintenance, but this is something that still needs to be confirmed so I might be able to give you initial spawn times for all servers. I know it could be a guarded secret by those who regularly farm them, but if you know the time for your server you can let us know, or maybe I will get to the bottom of it someday.

How to catch it?

It can be caught with level 1 Advance Soul Catching skill. To have this skill you need to pick up the Tamer job from Wind Dancer in Alameda Park.

You can’t catch it like you do with a regular soul. First you need to bring down its HP below 50% and then you will be able to use the skill on it. Look out for competition because anybody can catch it once its HP is down enough.

Your reward will be green or blue soul stones for each attempt. Happy hunting!

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