Auction House Guide

The Auction House in Forsaken World is one of the most used functions in game, when we talk about trades between players. This is the place where most people will sell or buy their items.

The AH is accessible at multiple locations. Two of them found in Freedom Harbor and there are also accesses to it in the Trading Grounds at every faction.

There are 4 tabs at the upper left corner of the AH, namely: Search, My Bidding, My Auction, Received.


This is where you look for an item either by entering a keyword in the upper left or choosing a category down the left side.

In the Search window, items can be further listed by highest/lowest current unit price, current buyout price and by order of level and quality also. Trading in the AH are conducted in Gold Coins.

Every item has a minimum bid price and in most cases a buyout price too. The highest bid wins when the time is over for the auction, or the player who pays the buyout price for it will take the item(s) and the auction will automatically end.

Prices are per item! Stacks can be bought/sold as stack only, no single item sale from the lot.

My Bidding

This shows your actual winning bids for the time. When you place a bid, Gold Coins will be transferred to the AH. If somebody outbids you, you will need to transfer gold again if you want to bid again. If you don’t have enough, you need to retrieve your gold from the first bidding.

My Auction

This is where your current auctions are listed. You always need to give a minimum bid for your auction and in most cases a buyout price too is advised. Time limits are 8, 24, 48 hours for auctions. You will need to pay a listing fee in Soul Gold for your items and 2% AH cut will be deducted from the final Gold Coin price if the auction was successful.


This is where your winning/failed auction items, received Gold Coins will arrive. When someone outbids you, your deposited amount will also be returned here.

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