Perfume Quest Guide

The Perfume Quest in Forsaken World is a social activity quest. It means that you need to party up with another character from the opposite sex to do it. Not “do it” do it, I mean just the quest. Don’t get too excited.

The “ladies first” rule apply here, so the female character needs to be the leader of the party.

With the female in lead, both characters pick up the quest from Rio. For the female it’s called “The Size of His Brain”. For the male it’s “The Scent of Her Heart”. From the time of start, you both have 1 hour to finish the quest. It can be done in 5 minutes or less, so get it over with.

The female’s role

After picking up the quest auto route to the Perfumer and finish it. There will be another called “Setting the Trap”. DO NOT set it just yet. First go to your bag and find the perfume you’ve just received. Before right clicking on it, let the male know that you are using the perfume to make sure he pays attention.

The male’s role

While the female goes to the Perfumer to waist some expensive fragrance, go to Lieutenant Colonel Spharan. Ther will be “Love is in the Air”.  Wait for the female to use the perfume. When she did it, a message will appear in the chat window, saying which perfume you smell like. Now answer the Colonel’s question by selecting the right perfume. Finish the quest and you will receive a gift. It will be one of the following: Teddy Bear, Crystal Ring, Veil, Chocolates, Rose. Go to the female, or meet up halfway, and give her the gift.

The female then should give the Perfumer the gift, by starting the Setting the Trap quest and finally selecting the proper gift from the list. And that’s it, you are done.

Gift example

You will both receive EXP, social contribution points, Socialite EXP, possible Action Scroll. Do it daily for leveling Socialite.

Finding partner

Optimally you would find someone in your guild, but since it is available at early levels, you might not have a guild yet. Simply use world chat to advertise or just watch it if you don’t have flute. If you have an alt character on a second account, than it’s the easiest, and you don’t have to always look for partners.

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