Bloodstone Beast Hunting Guide

What are the Bloodstone Beasts that roam the Hunting Grounds in Forsaken World? They are special mobs that only appear at set times. Why should you hunt them? Well, if you spent some time AFK training, which you probably will sooner or later, than you can use some extra Memory Lotus and Memory Berry for free.

Those are what the Bloodstone Beast drops. To kill them you have to go to the Hunting Grounds on the Training Map (advanced AFK map) at the time they spawn.

Bloodstone Beast spawning times

They start spawning at 12:00 PM server time and then every two hours after that till midnight. The 2 hour time depends on when they were killed last. There are about three spawns on one realm so when you done, hope to another realm to check for more Bloodstone Beasts. Just like with other rare mobs, take note of the time you killed them and you should calculate the next appearance.

They look just like the Selarion.

They will drop Memory Lotus and Memory Gem. Right click the Memory Gem to gain 5 Memory Berry.

If you on a PvP server, watch out for competition or could and up being the hunted instead of the hunter.

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