First Flying Mount and Flying Guide

As soon as you reach lvl 25 in Forsaken World, you are ready to take over the sky. All you need is a flying mount to start. So go and talk to Nadine the Flying Tutor next to the Magic Fountain in FH.

You will right away gain a temporary mount, a Common Hot Air Balloon. Find it in your bag and right click to jump on it. Congratulation, you just made your first step towards air domination. All you need is practice and experience.

You have to watch out for a couple of things. Most importantly, flying energy and flight experience.

Flying Energy

It is used for accelerated flying. This means that you can cruise around with your new flying mount at normal speed, without using flying energy, but if you want that very nice extra speed boost (for some mounts it’s over 300%) that will cost you. For basic mounts it’s 1 energy point per second, but for the more speedy once it’s 2/sec. On top of this in PvP there is an additional 8/sec cost. Your energy limit will grow as you level up your flying.
Energy regeneration is quite slow (24/hour offline) so you will need charge items if you like to break the speed limit quite often. Nadine sells this and she will also give you some for leveling up. You can also find some in the Boutique or buy from the AH.

Note: Beside the energy, flying cost Mana all the time, even if you are just cruising, so keep an eye out for your Mana bar.

Flight Experience

It is simply the time spent on your flying mount. One minute flying equals 1 flight experience point. Lvl 1 has 30 points, so after a half an hour ballooning around, you can go back to Nadine to tell her that you are ready for the next level.

Flying Levels

Once you have put in the needed hours for your next lvl, Nadine will grant you the promotion, but it won’t come free. She will ask you for some Azure Sky Emblem. For the second lvl it’s only 1 emblem, but for the third lvl is 8 pieces, so it will go up as you level. So, where to get Azure Sky Emblems? You can simply buy them from Nadine for 5 Gold a piece, but don’t worry there are ways to get them free. For this you have two options and you can find out more by reading the Daily Flying Quests guide.

I suggest you start with one of those quests first after you got your Hot Air Balloon. You have 30 minutes till the next level, might as well try to earn some Azure Sky Emblems during that time.

Flight Control

You will notice a little flying control panel on your screen when you first mount up. This will display your flying energy and the basic controls (up, down accelerate). For a better flying I suggest you use the hotkeys (space, X, E).

Flying Mounts

Flying mounts can have different cruising speed and accelerate speed and also different suggested flying level as well as minimum character level requirement.  Suggested flying level means that you won’t be able to use it at full speed unless you are at least that level in flying. You can still use them if you are at that character lvl.

Your temporary Common Hot Air Balloon will run out in 7 days so you need to look for a solution for a permanent one. Easiest one is to get e permanent Hot Air Balloon for 30 Soul gold. It’s for lvl 25+ characters and have lvl 1 suggested flying. All you need is 30 Soul gold, but I know this can be not to easy to get at lvl 25, especially if you are shooting for a permanent regular mount, which costs the same. So use your time on the permanent mount to make up the required amounts. Doing dailies and such.

There are also flying mounts available from the Boutique like the Skycar Alpha (lvl 25, suggested lvl 1) and the Bloodthirster (lvl 35, suggested lvl 4).

The Produrock Leukas dude on Rainbow Island also gives out a Delux Hot Air Balloon for tokens. However you need quite a few (8888, 666) and need to be lvl 55.

There are also chance to get a rare flying mount from a World Boss and a lvl 80 quest, but these are only chances and suited for high levels.

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