Pet Appraiser – Free XP for Your Pet

Having trouble getting your pet up to level in Forsaken World? Then you should know all the available help to make this progress faster.

One of them is the Pet Appraiser. This dude appears in the Hunting Grounds on the Advanced Training Map, twice a day. If you catch him, he will give you Lesser Pet Essence for your try.

The time for the Pet Appraiser

The time for the Pet Appraiser appearance is 14:00 (2:00 PM) and 23:00 (11:00 PM) server time. He usually stays for half an hour, but had been sighted to disappear after 15 minutes. So your best chance is to get there right after it appears. There should be a world chat announcement when he appears, like with many other things, but these chat noticed can miss a couple of times.


What you need

  • Well, first of all you need to get there on time.
  • You need to be lvl 40+ cause it’s on the Training Ground map
  • If you on a PvP server, you need to be prepared because that area is open PvP
  • Need your pet summoned when you talk to the Pet Appraiser
  • The pet needs to have at least 10 interaction points


Just talk to the guy and he will give you a few Lesser Pet Essence. I usually get 6 of them.

It doesn’t matter which of the two times you do it, but you can only get rewards once a day, so if you already got that at 14:00, don’t bother going back for a second round at 23:00.

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