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This Forsaken World Assassin guide will introduce you to the Assassin class. By reading it you will find out what you can expect when you choose this path and what your character capabilities are in different playstyles.

The Assassin is a melee class using dual weapons (daggers) and light armor. The light armor indicates that they don’t have too much defense so they rely on their high damage output and evasion.

The class is available for two races, namely the Human and the Kindred. What are the differences? Well, just like with other “multiracial” classes there is a different racial skill and blessing (buff) for each.

Forsaken World Human Assassin

Human Assassin Racials:

The skill called Pray and it restores 25% Mana. It also removes and makes you immune to stun like spells for 4 sec.

The blessing is mastery oriented, giving them 5 extra each, and also increases your max HP by 1%.

Forsaken World Kindred Assassin

Kindres Assassin Racials:

A skill called Vampiric Kiss which is good for draining HP from opponents while silencing them for 3 sec.

The blessing is the same HP increase and 15 plus mastery on Dark and Fire.

Beside these basic differences there are some other differentials when it comes to the Talent Tree but now let’s see what are the available talents for Assassins anyway. Actually before that let’s take a look at the Assassin specialty, the orb system.

Assassin Orb System

The Orb System

It is used to increase your characters damage and there are two types of orbs in the system:

  • Agony Orbs (red orbs) are generated by Thrust of Pain and Lurking Sting skills. They will increase your basic attack and finishing skills.
  • Blast Orbs (yellow ones) are generated by Throat Seal and Gouge. They increase the characters critical damage and finishing skills.

Now for the Talent Tree.

Venom Tree

This is considered to be the best tree for PvE. It’s got the highest DPS (damage per second) out of the three Assassin trees and in some cases out of all the classes’ talent trees. It takes advantage of the Agony Orbs and builds up a very nice damage output by utilizing skills like Thrust of Pain and Lurking Sting. With this tree it makes sense to use the skill combo of Thrust of Pain, Lurking Sting, Thurst of Pain, Pitch, Thrust of Pain, laying the foundation for your Nightmare Termination finisher skill. Doing it this way your Assassin will benefit from the generated Agony Orbs that will show up in damage at the end, plus you take advantage of the DoT effect.  Since you get at least one free Talent Compass, it would not be a bad idea to start with this tree for leveling purposes and switch for other PvP oriented trees later if you want to go that way.

Edge Tree

This tree is more PvP oriented than the Venom tree but still quite useful in PvE with its DPS capabilities.  It uses mostly the Blast Orbs to give critical damage increase for the finishing skill. Still good for PvE with its high crit, and also very effective for PvP with the stun capabilities. An overall versatile tree with main focus on critical damage increase and stuns.  Useful skills like Gouge and Secret Art Blast will let you take advantage of those Blast Orbs and high crit damage. You can equip your gear with Goldspark and Shattershard gems for even higher crit chance and damage.

Dark Tree

This is more of the PvP specialized tree. It relies on stealth, evasion and accuracy. Since you don’t have that nice DPS bonus from the orbs like in the two previous trees, this one is not really recommended for PvE. However with skills such as Swift Evasion and Focused Manuver, you can greatly increase your evasion and accuracy, and those are very useful in PvP. There are also gems for this (Eagle-eye, Mistshrouns) and I don’t have to tell you what to do with those.

If you like high DPS, single target classes than the Forsaken World Assassin could be a good choice for you.

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